hudson shakespeare company presents coriolanus (ALL FEMALE CAST)

The Hudson Shakespeare Company returns with its second and final installment of its 28th summer Shakespeare touring 
season with a unique spin on the little done play – Coriolanus. The production is touring to the following libraries and 
parks throughout northern New Jersey:

Thursday July 18th @ 7pm
Kenndy Blvd. between Hutton Street and Manhattan Avenue
Leonard Gordon Park, Jersey City, NJ

Friday July 19th @ 7pm
Weasel Brook Park, Vanderhoef House, 
1 Westervelt Pl. Clifton, NJ
(Rain location inside Vanderhoef House)

Tuesday July 23rd @ 7:30pm
Monument Park 
Palisade Ave &, Angioletti Pl, Fort Lee, NJ
(Rain Location – Fort Lee Library, 320 Main Street, Fort Lee)

Wednesday July 24th @ 7:30pm 
Atlantic Street Park 
102 State Street, Hackensack, NJ
(Rain Location – HACPAC center next to park)

Thursday July 25th @ 7pm
Hamilton Park
9th Street and Jersey Avenue, Jersey City, NJ 
(Rain Location – Under park gazebo)

Tuesday July 30th @ 7:30pm
Monument Park
Palisade Ave &, Angioletti Pl, Fort Lee, NJ
(Rain Location – Fort Lee Library, 320 Main Street, Fort Lee)

All of the above shows are free to the public. The company will also be participating in a special fund raiser performance 

Historic Jersey City and Harsimus Cemetery 
Thursday August 1st @ 7pm
435 Newark Ave, Jersey City, NJ 07302
(Tickets for this event are $10 suggested donation. All proceeds go towards preserving this historic site run by veteran 
volunteers of the US Armed Forces)

Patrons are encouraged to bring lawn chairs and blankets for any outdoor shows as available seating is limited.

The Play
Shakespeare’s exploration of military honor, corrupt politics and complicated family relations are shifted from a traditional 
Roman setting to an ancient, fantasy world with an all-female cast. Based on the semi-legendary, semi-historical figure of 
Caius Marcius Coriolanus, this is not yet the Rome of Julius Caesar but tells a hard bitten tale of centuries before the 
classical republic and eventual empire. A country still working itself out. Director Noelle Fair showcases an Amazonian 
world taking many influences from both historical (women warrior societyie of ancient Eastern Europe) and fantasy 
sources (Wonder Woman, Game of Thrones), underscoring it with a percussive and female driven soundtrack.

Maricus (Abby Albrecht) is a career soldier fiercely driven by duty to her country, her wife Virgilia (Norah Hogan) and 
family but has a vast contempt for the common people. The Plebeians, in her view, are beneath her as they won’t defend 
and shed blood for their country, but they bask in the security she and the other soldiers provide. Word soon comes that 
Aufidius (Alexandra Taylor), a general in the hostile, neighboring city-state of Volsce and Marcius’ long-time enemy, is 
mounting a military campaign. Marcius, along with her fellow generals Cominius (Ziggy Schulting) and Titus (Emmy 
Kuperschmid), meet the threat in the Volsce city of Corioli. At Corioli, the Romans are overrun until Marcius single-
handedly breaks through the enemy’s forces and humiliates Aufidius in one-on-one combat.

The troops return triumphantly to Rome and having won a decisive victory in Corioli, Marcius is granted the honorary 
name of Coriolanus to commemorate the victory. However, what Marcius sees as her simple duty, her mother Volumnia 
(Maggie Schweppe) and her mentor Menenius (Amanda Cook) see as an opportunity for political advancement. The office 
of Consul, similar to the Secretary of Defense, is up for election but Marcius must get the vote of the very people who 
she hates and who hate her. Complicating matters, the city’s Plebian representatives, the cunning Tribune Sicinius (Mia 
Christinis) and the blunt Tribune Brutus (Klara Gribetz) openly plot to thwart Marcius’ nomination. 

Receiving pressure from her overbearing mother and allies, Marcius reluctantly seeks the office and is elected. Sicinius 
and Brutus later sow discontent amongst the same populace with news of Marcius’ true feelings about them leading to a 
riot and her eventual banishment. However, the political victory of Sicinius and Brutus is short-lived as Marcius goes to 
the home of her enemy Aufidius and raises an army to destroy Rome. Will they succeed in their military invasion or will 
more subtle and familiar forces stop the vengeful Coriolanus?

Written in 1606, “Coriolanus” marks the end of Shakespeare’s high tragedies of “Macbeth” and “King Lear” before moving 
on to more hopeful redemption stories of “Pericles” and “The Winter’s Tale”. 

Hudson Shakespeare Company was begun in 1992 and for 28 seasons has toured free Shakespeare to parks and libraries 
in northern New Jersey presenting the Bard’s well known and lesser done titles in a variety of settings and periods. For 
more information, visit,

Noelle Fair (Director) Originally from Baltimore, Maryland.  She attended Towson University as an undergrad where she got a bachelor’s in Theater Arts.  She then attended the University of Exeter in England where she received her MFA in Staging Shakespeare. There she studied with Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre in London as well as members of the Royal Shakespeare Company such as the late Cicely Berry and John Barton.  

Abby Albrecht (Coriolanus) Originally from Chicago, IL. She attended Northwestern University (BA Theater Arts) and holds a Masters from the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art (LAMDA). Abby’s take on Coriolanus: “ I play Coriolanus— the accomplished war hero of Rome with a famous temper and disdain for the common people. Playing Coriolanus is a gift as a female actor, because I don’t have to think twice about taking up space and speaking my mind. It’s incredibly empowering as both an actor and a woman. I also enjoy playing a flawed protagonist— it means I get to delve into darker parts of myself while at the same time letting the sincerity of the character seep through in monumental moments. Basically, despite the extremity of the plot, I get to play a real human being. Thanks Shakespeare!”

Alexandra Taylor (Aufidius) Originally from Charlotte, North Caroline.  She attended Barnard College (BA in Theater Arts). Alex’s take on Aufidius: “Aufidius is strong, commanding, and yet also consumed by an obsession with Coriolanus. Playing Aufidius as a woman, I think, makes the emotional journey of what it means to love, loathe, and want to be someone all in the same moment richer and more fully fleshed.”

Maggie Schweppe (Volumnia) Originally from Philadelphia, PA. She holds a BFA in Acting from PACE University and has also attended LAMBDA.  Maggie’s take on Volumnia: “I play Volumnia, the mother of Coriolanus. She values honor over everything else and takes great pride in her child’s success. She is integral to the story because she is the only person who can always get through to Coriolanus. At the end of the play, she saves Rome. She’s a hero.

In regards to our production, this role was originally written for a woman, so there was no need to switch gender. It’s fascinating because in this play Shakespeare created a man’s world with few women. However, it is one of the few who changes everything. Although Shakespeare wrote significantly less roles for women, they, for the most part, are incredibly complex, cunning, and powerful.”

Amanda Cook (Menenius) Originally from Chicago, IL. Amanda attended the University of Southern California where she received a BA Theater.  As part of this program she also attended the British American Drama Academy. Amanda’s take on Menenius:

Menenius is the humorous patrician which, I believe, she actually uses as a political tactic. “ Director’s addition to this character description: Menenius is a high ranking patrician and friend to both the citizens of Rome and Coriolanus.  She is constantly trying to keep the peace between the two, and constantly attempts to be the voice of reason.  However, this seems to fall on deaf ears as Coriolanus loses her temper at the people and the people dispise Coriolanus for her current and past wrongs against them.  Within a traditional staging of the play, Menenius almost becomes a parental figure to Coriolanus (sort of acting as “Dad” and Volumnia as “Mom”) but in this instance Menenius sort of became “the fun parent”, and thus the domestic scenes become extremely light, funny, and comedic when three women and a child (Virgilia, Volumnia, Menenius,and Marciius’ young daughter) are chatting, knitting, and gossiping about the latest news and their love for Coriolanus.  This made a lot of the interaction in scenes with the other scripted women come across more as “girl talk” (super chatty, excitable, light, fun, playful) rather than diplomatic. 

Norah Hogan (Virgilia) is originally from Massachusetts. She attended NYU Tish School of the Arts (BA: Theater).  Norah’s take: “Virgilia has been such an interesting role to explore.  She has very little text and she’s referred to as “sweet silence” and “gracious silence” by Coriolanus at various points in the play. I’m personally someone whose primary means of expression is always verbal so it’s a delightful challenge to find means of expressing her opinions and vast emotional life in her silences. I think she is very strong, much stronger than an initial read of the text might suggest.” Director’s addition to this: “The thing that I found interesting about Virgilia is her vulnerability – and how that vulnerability becomes a strength for her.   In the end, it is Virgilia’s vulnerability and sensitivity which gets through the tough outer shell of Coriolanus in order to aid in the saving of Rome from imminent destruction.”

Ziggy Schulting (Cominius) Is originally from Farmington, CT.  She attended Skidmore College where she worked with the SITI Company.  Ziggy’s take on Cominius: “Cominius is sort of the moral compass of the play. She’s a caretaker, and she’s taking care of everyone–exchanging glances with Volumnia, watching out for what night slip out of Menenius’ mouth, minding Titus Lartius in the field, and above all, she deeply cares about her friendship with Marcius. She’s a direct foil of Coriolanus in that way, who often acts impulsively and selfishly, Cominius is quiet for a great deal of the play, but she’s there for every big moment, listening. Because I’m a woman playing this traditionally male role as a woman, I think the audience is able to see her as more than a powerful war general, which she still obviously is, but more importantly, they’re able to see her maternal side and how deeply she feels for the people in her life. While she doesn’t always say it, she feels the impact of everyone else’s moves, and hopefully that comes across.”


Emmy Kuperschmid (Titus Lartius/Young Marcius) Emmy is originally from Canton, MA and also attended Skidmore College (BA: Theater) Emmy’s take on Titus: “These are all traditionally male characters, and it’s been great not only to get to play these roles, but play them as women (as opposed to being a woman playing a man). Especially for Titus Lartius, the war general—it’s been so exciting to explore her place in this world and find a version of strength that is not necessarily rooted in masculinity.”

Klara Gribetz (Brutus) Klara is originally from White Plains, NY and attended Hofstra University where she holds a BFA in Theater Arts. Klara’s take on Brutus: “I play the role of Brutus. Klara views the conniving Tribune Brutus as a hot head who is trying her best to stay temporized and poised for the people, in order for them to trust her as their leader.”

Mia Christinis (Scinius) originally from London, UK.  She attended American Academy of Dramatic Art two year Conservatory program and is a member of British Equity.  Mia’s take on Scinius: “I play the role of Sicinius, who is in charge of voicing the people’s opinions to the patricians and generals. However, she uses her power to manipulate the people and to seek her own motives, with the help of Brutus. Sicinius is an incredibly interesting character because she falls between being a mind player and also fighting for what she truly believes is right. Being a woman playing Sicinius allows me to tap into the more conscious part of her. She’s more of a planner, she thinks things through and uses her words very carefully.”

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JERSEY CITY – To help celebrate the beginning of summer vacation, Wellcare Health has partnered with Jersey City to host a free Family Fun Day event this Friday, July 12th, at the Mary McLeod Bethune Life Center from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.  In addition to fun activities like face painting, games and giveaways, the goal of the event is to promote participation in youth summer meals, offer free health screenings, and provide access to information about other assistance programs available to Jersey City residents.

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pitbull AND jERSEY cITY’S oWN akon hEADLINE JERSEY CITY 2019 4TH OF july festival

Mayor Fulop Announces the Headlining Artists for the 6th annual Fourth of July Festival & Fireworks…

Mr. Worldwide – Pitbull and Jersey City’s own Akon!

Day of Live Music and Family-Friendly Fun returns to Exchange Place Plaza with Concerts, Carnival Rides, Food Trucks and New Jersey’s Largest Fireworks Display

world wide entertainer Pitbull
Mr. Worldwide -Pitbull
Jersey City born Akon set to hit the stage in Jersey City on 4th of July
Jersey City’s own Akon

JERSEY CITY – Mayor Steven M. Fulop announces Pitbull and Akon as this year’s headliners at Jersey City’s 6th annual Fourth of July Festival.  As we celebrate our nation’s freedom, the full day of festivities will take place from 12 p.m. to 10 p.m. at the Exchange Place Plaza.  The free festival includes live entertainment with featured musicians starting at noon on the main stage leading up to Jersey City’s own Akon and world-renowned rapper Pitbull as the main event.  The grand finale will follow with New Jersey’s largest fireworks display launching from barges in the Hudson River with an unparalleled backdrop of the Manhattan skyline.

“We set the bar high last year bringing in Snoop Dogg as our headline performance, and we expect to impress, yet again, with this year’s entertainment lineup,” said Mayor Fulop.  “The headline performance and fireworks conclude a day of fun for thousands of families and visitors who come from all over the tri-state area.  As we show off all that Jersey City has to offer this Independence Day, I am confident this will continue to be one of the best celebrations in the nation.”

Last year, the event drew over 150,000 spectators from throughout the City and region. The daylong festival features designated zones for activities, including a carnival along Hudson Street, the “Love Beer Festival” on Columbus, and the concert stage at Exchange Place. Fun activations and additional food trucks and drinks can also be found along Montgomery Street.

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The Monticello Street Festival Jersey City

The Monticello Svtreet Festival held in Jersey City on Monticello Ave. between Communipaw and Jewett Ave was held on Saturday, September 8, 2018.

The highlight of the festival was the Soul Train Challenge Jersey City was trying to break the record set according to Guinness World Records The largest Soul Train dance consists of 426 participants and was achieved by Goodyear Ballpark (USA) in Goodyear, Arizona, USA, on 4 July 2014.

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  Scuba Diver Roger J. Muller, Jr. Dives for Predatory Lionfish to Save the Environment

Roger Muller hunting Lion Fish

Lionfish Hunter Roger J. Muller, Jr. in the Grand Caymans

By Sally Deering

(Hoboken, NJ) Insurance agent Roger J. Muller, Jr. leads a robust lifestyle overseeing his Hoboken-based company, Muller Insurance, and in his spare time, streaking across the ice as Captain of the Hoboken Rockets hockey team. Off the ice, Muller exchanges hockey pads for a wetsuit, and instead of playing offense with a hockey stick, Muller faces his opponents with a spear and a containment device: the only gear he needs to hunt the predatory lionfish.

The Lionfish
The zebra-striped lionfish (Pterois)
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Jersey City Medical Center Raises Pride Flag

Jersey City Medical Center staff wore Pride colors at a flag raising ceremony in celebration of Pride month.
T he Pride flag was raised at Jersey City Medical Center in celebration of June as Pride Month.

Jersey City Medical Center (JCMC), a RWJBarnabas Health facility, raised the Pride flag on Tuesday, with Michael Prilutsky, President & CEO, leading the ceremony to kick-off the celebration of June as Pride Month.  In addition to the flag remaining throughout the month, the hospital will illuminate the main campus facility with Pride colors at night during the month.

JCMC has received recognition as an LGBTQ Health Equality Leader by the Human Rights Campaign Foundation since 2014, for its continued effort in caring for LGBTQ patients and recognizing the contributions of its LGBTQ employees.

To be designated as an LGBTQ Health Equality Leader, the hospital had to meet four core principles, which included ensuring foundational protection for patients, visitors and staff in policies and provide cultural competency training on LGBTQ inclusion.

To create a culturally inclusive and respectful environment for all patients, Jersey City Medical Center has implemented the policy of displaying both the Legal and Preferred Name on patient wristbands.  Sex at Birth, Gender Identify, Legal Name and Preferred Name remain a part of the registration data collection process and will be accessible in the patient’s permanent record.


About Jersey City Medical Center:

The Jersey City Medical Center (JCMC), an RWJBarnabas Health facility, is a modern 316-bed teaching hospital located on a campus overlooking the Statue of Liberty and NY Harbor, conveniently located near major highways, PATH, bus and light rail stops on campus. A not-for-profit hospital, JCMC is a state-designated Regional Trauma Center with more than 16,000 admissions and 90,000 Emergency Department visits annually.  JCMC has been redesignated the Magnet Certification for Nursing Excellence for a third consecutive time , the only medical center in Hudson, Essex or Union counties to achieve this honor, and has received the highest-grade level “A” for safety for 14 reporting periods since 2012. RWJBarnabas Health and Jersey City Medical Center, in partnership with Rutgers Cancer Institute of New Jersey – the state’s only NCI-designated Comprehensive Cancer Center – brings a world class team of researchers and specialists to fight alongside you, providing close-to-home access to the latest treatment and clinical trials.  The medical center is also a state-designated stroke center, a regional comprehensive cardiac center, a perinatal intensive care center, and a regional level 3 neonatal intensive care unit for critically ill newborns.  JCMC, a provider of Advanced Life Support for Hudson County, runs 911 Medical Call Screening for Hudson County and operates one of the state’s busiest EMS systems.  In addition, Jersey City Medical Center is a major provider of behavioral health services, including 24/7 psychiatric emergency/crisis screening programs. 

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Jersey City Jazz Festival Launches 10-Day Party in the Heart of the City

Jazz guitarist at JC jazz festival
Charles Sigler Trio
Saxophone players Meyers
Julian Meyers-tenor-sax

From Friday, May 31 – Sunday, June 9, Jersey City will transform into a city-wide celebration of jazz. The fastest growing city in the state is also home to the fastest growing jazz festival in the region.

Beavers on Trombone
Doug Beavers

Formerly the Riverview Jazz Festival, the festival has rebranded and relocated the closing festival (June 8-9) to the historic downtown neighborhood, specifically the Newark Pedestrian Plaza near the Grove Street PATH station.

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Bayonne Hometown Fair 2019

Bayonne Hometown Fair June 8th & 9th, 2019

Mayor James Davis and the Bayonne Municipal Council invites you to come and enjoy The 5th Annual Bayonne Hometown Fair on Saturday June 8th, 11am until 8pm and Sunday, June 9th at 12 noon until 6 pm.The fair will take place between 21st and 25th streets. Enjoy children’s rides, games, food, entertainment, local merchants, non-profits and so much more for the entire family .

Live entertainment will consist of two stages this year below is a list of the entertainment.

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Art House Productions Presents

Art House Pink Logo
Access Committee
Art House Access Committee



Friday, June 7th, 2019

A City-Wide, All-Day Celebration of Art & Culture in Jersey City

Friday, June 7th, 2019

JC Fridays Citywide, All-Day Arts & Culture Festival in Jersey City!

(Jersey City, NJ; May 1st, 2019)- June 7th, 2019, Art House Productions’ JC Fridays will be holding its seasonal festival!  Featuring art events that take place in restaurants, galleries, stores, and event spaces in almost every neighborhood of our great city.  This June is our 2nd annual ACCESS JC Fridays  It focuses on inclusion and encourages participants to present work from artists with disabilities and/or work that celebrates disability in any of its many forms, including, but not limited to: impairments that are cognitive, developmental, intellectual, mental, physical, and sensory. We also encourage you to find easy and inexpensive ways to make your physical space accessible to all.

All events are free and open to the public. As one of the preeminent art scenes in the tri-state area, Jersey City is abound with visual and performing artists of all types, musicians, and individuals with unique talent; JC Fridays is one of the best times for them to share their newest projects and works.

Sponsors: Harrison Rand, Mayor Steven M. Fulop, Jersey City Municipal Council & Cultural Affairs, Historic Downtown SID, JCEDC*

Made possible in part by funds from the New Jersey State Council on the Arts/Department of State, A Partner Agency of the National Endowment for the Arts; administered by the Hudson County Office of Cultural & Heritage Affairs/Tourism Development, and by the County of Hudson, Thomas A. DeGise, Hudson County Executive, and the Hudson County Board of Chosen Freeholders. * Supported in part by a grant from New Jersey Department of State, Division of Travel and Tourism

Supporters: Jersey City Arts Council, Friends of JC Fridays: Triangle Park Community Center, Hudson Partnership

Cast Iron Lofts- 262 17th Street  (Coles St /Jersey Ave)

201-918- 6019. Wheelchair Accessible.

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