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River View Observer – FOOD VIEWS-Drive Top Food Truck Recipes Into Your Kitchen

 (Family Features) No other trend has parked itself at the forefront of the culinary world quite like food trucks, but these aren’t the stale doughnut and questionable hotdog stands of yore. From coast to coast, a new generation of chefs has been putting unique cuisines on four wheels. But if you’re not in an urban setting, that doesn’t mean you have to miss out on these delectable dishes.

To celebrate the phenomenon, CanolaInfo partnered with four food truck chefs/owners representing different U.S. regions to create the Street Eats Recipe Collection, allowing home cooks everywhere to recreate delicious food truck fare. Continue reading River View Observer – FOOD VIEWS-Drive Top Food Truck Recipes Into Your Kitchen

Recipes to Bring Home for the Holidays

 (NewsUSA) – Coming home for the holidays gives busy adults an excuse to celebrate with their families and show their national pride. National pride signifies something different for everyone. Some might take the time to send holiday care packages to U.S. troops overseas, some may volunteer in homeless shelters, while others may simply whisper a prayer of thanks.

Eating Healthy for Two

 Breakfast Fruit Turnovers

(Family Features) What you eat not only affects you, it could affect your unborn child.
     Of the four million women who give birth in the US each year, some 3,000 babies are born with neural tube defects, which include certain birth defects of the brain and spinal cord. Folic acid is a critical element needed for proper spinal cord development during the first three weeks of pregnancy. Because this is often before a woman even knows she’s pregnant, it’s important for women of child-bearing age to follow a healthy lifestyle and to include folic acid as part of her diet. Continue reading Eating Healthy for Two

Dinner Idea’s -Healthy Five Best-Kept Secrets to Shaping Up

Denise Austin’s Best Kept Secrets For Health and Fitness

health-dinner-ideas1Based on USDA data, Oscar Mayer Turkey Bacon has 50 percent less fat than pork bacon, so you can enjoy a wholesome breakfast any day of the week.  For more delicious recipes, visit   

(Family Features) When it comes to helping people get into shape, no one does it better than health and fitness expert, Denise Austin.  She has simple advice that makes a big difference when it comes to making smart decisions about food and fitness.

 Here are five of her best-kept secrets:


Continue reading Dinner Idea’s -Healthy Five Best-Kept Secrets to Shaping Up


quick-dinner-tips (Family Features) When your family is short on time, there’s no need to shortchange them when it comes to a wholesome dinner. The key to getting dinner on the table in 30 minutes or less is to plan ahead. Here are some tips to help you do just that.


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Holiday Dining at Home-Celebrate the Season With Starters and Sides


(Family Features) Whether entertaining a large group, or hosting a small gathering, holiday cooks can showcase their culinary flair with a sumptuous spread of starters and sides. And, with timesaving ingredients, such as cream soups, store-bought mashed potatoes and prepared pastry sheets, it’s a cinch to complement the main dish with appetizers and side dishes that look and taste elegant. Using these simple recipes, holiday hosts can impress family and friends and still have time to enjoy the party. Continue reading Holiday Dining at Home-Celebrate the Season With Starters and Sides

Food and Wine – Perfect Pairings

food-and-wine(Family Features) When it comes to pairing food and wine, it doesn’t have to be complicated. To create a perfect pairing, the secret is to choose a wine with a fruit-focused style, which will compliment many types of foods. It isn’t necessary to be a master sommelier to make successful pairings! No matter what your profession, having a passion for food and wine can go a long way to making delicious pairings that friends and family will enjoy. Continue reading Food and Wine – Perfect Pairings