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For Hot Sauce & Rubs, Call Uncle Bud!

Fire & Spice

By Sally Deering


Uncle Bud drawing
Tony Alexander aka Uncle Bud

 After telling his buddies the hot sauce on his

Uncle Bud photo
The real Tony Alexander
aka Uncle Bud

wings wasn’t making him sweat, Tony Alexander’s friends told him if he didn’t think the sauce was hot enough, he should make his own.

And that’s exactly what Alexander did.

That challenge happened a few years back and now Tony Alexander goes by the nickname Uncle Bud, chief cook and bottle washer for his own brand of sauces guaranteed to bedazzle any dish, even two fried eggs. Alexander sells his sauces at the Riveview Farmers’ Markets on Sundays in the Heights (May-November) and at the Grove Street Plaza for Groove on Grove on Thursdays. Currently, he’s in the process of getting his sauces into a big box store that sells whole foods.

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