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Bayonne Mayor Mark Smith and Mayoral Challenger Jimmy Davis Answer Our 5 Questions Before the Bayonne June 10th Mayoral Run-Off

By Ricardo Kaulessar

Who will be the next Bayonne Mayor will be decided by a runoff between incumbent Mark Smith and challenger James Davis on June 10.

Smith, who has been mayor since November 2008, is running for a second four-year term. Before becoming mayor, Smith served In the Bayonne Police Department for 25 years where he rose through the ranks to deputy chief.  He is married and has two daughters.

Davis has been on the police force for over 25 years, currently holding the title of captain. His work has included leading a task force from 2007 to 2008 that made a number of arrests while dismantling a burglary and motor vehicle theft ring, and later helping to shut down cocaine distribution network operating partly out of Bayonne. He is married and is the father of three sons.

The River View Observer posed questions to both candidates about dealing with a prolonged campaign season in the Peninsula City, strategies the city’s highest office, and their respective plans for governing their hometown if one of them prevails.

Why do you think you ended up in a runoff with your opponent rather than had won the election outright?

smith cropped again
Mayor Mark Smith

 Smith: We always knew this was going to be a challenging race. While we won the popular vote, there’s still some lingering effects from the national recession. People are still struggling. The outcome may have reflected a bit of that. We heard their concerns. Some people are still restless and we need to communicate our plan with them. We’re going to show them that our team has the plan and the ability to continue revitalizing or community.

Jimmy Davis

Davis: When you combat a war chest of $1 million collectively and numerous outside entities attacking from different flanks, I feel making it into the runoff was our first win. I am proud of what our team has accomplished and know our drive will pull us all over the finish line in the end. Continue reading Bayonne Mayor Mark Smith and Mayoral Challenger Jimmy Davis Answer Our 5 Questions Before the Bayonne June 10th Mayoral Run-Off

Bayonne Mayor Mark Smith Kick Off Rally Wednesday, February 12th, 2014 Chandelier Restaurant Bayonne

On Wednesday, February 12th Mayor Mark Smith of Bayonne and supporters gathered at the Chandelier Restaurant to kick off Smith’s 2014 run for Mayor.

With the threat of a major snow storm looming an enthusiastic crowd of  supporters  were on hand to hear  Mayor Smith  announce his 2014 Council running mates which did not change from his current administration and to hear Former NJ Governor Richard Codey speak of  the accomplishments of Mayor Smith’s current administration and the promise to  “Move Bayonne Forward” for the next four years.

Photos by River View Observer photographer Steve A Mack 

Agnes Gillespie and Ray Greaves Win Bayonne June 15th Primary for Council Seats

Agnes Gillespie and Ray Greaves Council people- elect give the high sign as winners of Tuesday’s Primay in Bayonne gellespie-and-greaves-winners

Photo by Joe Calamito

The 1st and 3rd Wards in Bayonne have two new Council people elect. Agnes Gillespie and Ray Greaves  both won tonight in Bayonne’s Primary. Two of Bayonne Mayor Mark Smith’s Council running mates; Gillespie, and Greaves fell short of a first ballot victory in the May election forcing them into a run- off against Thomas Cotter in the first ward and Gary La Pelussa in the third ward.

Winning tonights primary with Gillespie  totalling  1408 votes to Cotter’s 1155 and Greaves with a total of 1623  to LaPelusa’s 1570 gives Mayor Smith’ a cohessive Council and with 6 of his running mates on the City  Council Mayor Smith can now push forth his agenda for the city.june-primary-smith-speaks

A happy Mayor Mark Smith addresses the audience at the Knights of Columbus in Bayonne after Agnes Gillespie and Ray Greaves won their council seats.

Incumbent Bayonne NJ Mayor Mark Smith Wins Full Four Year Term as Mayor of Bayonne

smith-address-crowed-election-night-2010 A jubilant Mayor Mark Smith thanks his supporters at Bayonne’s Chandelier Restaurant after winning the May 11th election for Mayor. Smith beat out New Jersey State Assemblyman and former Bayonne Councilman Anthony Chiappone and former Bayonne Policeman  Leonard Kantor to serve as Mayor for the next four years.

7,402 votes were tallied for the Smith column over Chiappone’s 2, 503 vote count -roughly  66% for Smith, 22% for Chiappone  and 1, 239 votes 11% were counted forLenoard Kantor.smith-election-night-steve-photo

(Photo Steve A. Mack. com )  

Smith originally won the Mayor ship 17 months ago to fulfill the remaining term of former Mayor Joe Doria who at that time left his position as Mayor to work in the administration of then Governor Jon Corzine as Commissioner  of the Department of Community Affairs.

Smith’s “Moving Bayonne Forward” campaign resonated with Bayonne voters especially in the areas of holding down property taxes, reducing city government through attrition which was a promise he made and kept and his campaign promise in the coming four years to preserve Bayonne’s small town charm.

The Mayor said in his closing remarks at his celebration party “Tonight we party and celebrate, tomorrow we get down to work in creating the dream to move  Bayonne forward”

Three  of Mayor Smith running mates Council at Large candidate and current Councilman Terry Ruane won re-election as did Debra Czerwienski and first time council candidate Joe Hurley won in the second ward, and Mayor Mark Smiths’ other two council picks Ray Greeves of the third ward will be in a run- off against current Councilman Gary La Pelusa and Agnes Gillespie will be in a run -off  with independent Candidate Thomas Cotter for the First ward.

220-215 -Historic Health Care Bill Passes the House of Representatives

Late Saturday night the House of Representatives approved a historic bill to remake the U.S. health-care system, Giving President  Barack Obama  a key procedural victory having made Health Care as one of his top priorities.

The Bill passed 220-215 after a lengthy and sometimes emotional day of debate on the nearly 2,000-page measure.

The action on health reform  now moves to the Senate.

 read more here  HISTORIC HEATH CARE BILL PASSES – Source US Market Watch

Christie Wins New Jersey Govenor Race

governor_picGovenor Jon Corzine lost his bid for re-election to Chris Christie today. In his concession speech out going  Gov. Corzine pledged to work with Govenor- Elect Chrisite and added he will continue to work for all democratic programs set forth by his and the Democratic party.

 Governor -Elect Christopher J. Christie becomes the 55th  Govenor of New Jersey. The first Republican to be elected in  the last 12 years in a state wide election.

225px-us_attorney_chris_christieIn his acceptance speech the jubilant Christie appeared on the stage to Bruce Springsteens song “Born to Run” his first words to his supporters “Hey New Jersey we did it.”  which caused the crowd to chant over and over “Yes we did, yes we did.” When Chrisite went to thank the crowd they chanted over and over “Thank you , Thank you, thank you.”

Christie then when on to say that his call from out going Govenor Corzine was gracious and that Corzine pledged to work with the Christie/ Guadagmo administration.  He spoke of being born in Newark and then outlined some of his initiatives for the next four years and acknowledged the work that lay ahead for the next four years.

Govenor Corzine Takes a Jump Shot

RCDCCHappenings A long the Campaign Trial

[From A Governor’s Journey] Governor Jon Corzine goes for three points while visiting a street festival in Newark. Governor Corzine attended Taylorville High School, where he was the captain of his basketball team. He went on to earn his bachelor’s degree at the University of Illinois at Urbana, where he also played basketball. “I was a walk-on in college,” he remembers. “They gave me some minutes on the freshman squad, but my varsity career was at the far end of the bench. There’s wasn’t much need for a 6’2” forward at a Big Ten school.” By the way – he made the basket.

Healy Wins Mayoral Race in Jersey City on First Ballot

mayorhealynJerrimiah Healy has won another term for  Mayor of Jersey City.

 30,657 votes were cast, the incumbent Mayor Healy received a winning 53%percent share of the vote , while his closest opponent Louis Manzo had 26.3 percent. The other candidates Harvey L. Smith received 12.9 percent, Dan Levin 5.6 percent and Phil Webb 2.2 percent. Absentee and provisional ballots have to still be counted, however, the margin  of votes clearly signals Healy the winner on the first ballot.

 It seems as the results came Councilman Steven Fullop has retained his seat in Ward E receiving roughly half of the 4000 plus votes cast in that downtown  ward  race.

Some of the council seats maybe headed for a June run-off as late hour tabulation of votes were still be conducted.