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zodiac-signs-vectors-10200-large copySTARGAZINE   APRIL 2013

J Banta Lewis [email protected]

Exclusively prepared for the River View Observer on a monthly basis by J Banta Lewis


Aries-  March 21-April 19th

In the time of Aries the astral advice suggests that every effort be made to avoid becoming the poster boy/girl for an April fool!!Your temper and your point of view are at odds and the strong vocal cords you possess can get you into trouble. Silence is truly golden. Await more information before you ignite a whirlwind of controversy with your pointed remarks.

Taurus _April 20 – May 20

You have always felt yourself to be a fair minded person but have you given yourself the same consideration you’ve offered to others? Look in the mirror and assess your worth. Although not perfect, you are many times better than the myth rumor mongers have created. All love begins with self-love.

Gemini May 21 – June 20

Times a wasting!! Jupiter still hovers in the area of the heavens where Gemini resides. Create the life you desire. Your luck factor is at its zenith but you must recognize your power in order to put it to use. Gemini goals may simply include some extra educational courses but mind power and communications are highlighted. Follow your bliss. Those projects begun now may lead to a life of success.

CancerJune 21 – July 22

No one could realize the emotional pain that on occasion the Cancer native suffers. The astral advice suggests that instead of holding hurt you sublimate this energy and use it to create a happy time. Repression builds resentment and not unlike a boiling kettle has a tendency to explode. A gradual release allows for a new improved Cancer native to emerge. Light and love! Continue reading STARGAZINE HOROSCOPE FOR APRIL 2013- J Banta Lewis