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Newtown Connetiticut Memorials from

Our photographer Steve Mack recently went up to Newtown Ct. and took these photos of the many memorials placed by the Newtown community and heartbroken people from around the world for the senseless tragedy that took place on December 14th, claiming the lives of 6 adults and 20 children at the Sandy Hook Elementary School.


Pop Tarts Theme Restaurant Opens in Time Square- Pop Tarts World Serving-Ants on a Log

902283_C01a_Morris_StrawHudson County residents only have to take a 20 minute subway ride and arrive in the greatest city in the world- New York. According to Newser a new restaurant is going to open who’s main theme is Pop Tarts. Pop Tarts World, Yes, those very same treats we all enjoy for breakfast and ran home to have after school.
But this restaurant will have some variations: serving 30 kinds - like Ants on the Log for one, a combination made up of celery, peanut butter, and chunks of, whatelse, Pop-Tarts and according to Newser Pop-Tarts sushi—three kinds of tarts minced and wrapped in a fruit roll-up.

Can’t get enough of the Pop Tarts theme this restaurant will also have a six-story billboard above the store, light Shows, Pop Tart merchandise.

Hey, where’s the giant toaster?



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WORLD CUP FINAL -Spain defeats Holland 1-0 in overtime

 ron-ingelisasBayonne, New Jersey resident Ron Inglesias celebrates Spain’s World Cup win on Sunday by running through the street of Bayonne. Captured here by our River View photographer Ingelisas proudly poses with Spains Flag.

 Today Spain became the eighth nation ever to win the World Cup, The win came over the Netherlands in a 1-0 extra time final score.

Spain’s game plan, and their relentless passing wore down the Dutch defense giving Spain the win in  Spain’s only World Cup Final.

Leaving  four minutes of extra time left, the goal that secured the World Cup win for Spain came in the 116th minute of play.  Fernando Torres shot rebounded off the head of a Dutch player and fell to the feet of Spain’s Cesc Fabregas, who passed it to Andres Iniesta. In the only goal of the match, Iniesta calmly took the ball and shot it past the Dutch goalie.

Now World Champions, Spain’s “Red Fury” has lived passed their reputation as underachievers in big tournaments to bring Spain and its people the World Cup Championship.

Haiti Earthquake -Hudson County Responds

Here is a list of organizations that you can contact if you would like to help out in the Haiti Earthquake Relief Effort


220-215 -Historic Health Care Bill Passes the House of Representatives

Late Saturday night the House of Representatives approved a historic bill to remake the U.S. health-care system, Giving President  Barack Obama  a key procedural victory having made Health Care as one of his top priorities.

The Bill passed 220-215 after a lengthy and sometimes emotional day of debate on the nearly 2,000-page measure.

The action on health reform  now moves to the Senate.

 read more here  HISTORIC HEATH CARE BILL PASSES – Source US Market Watch

What Is The World’s Riskiest Hotspot?

Hint: It’s Not Iraq or Afghanistan, But Rather,

A Celebrity Vacation Haven


While most Americans are focused on conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan, primarily because we have troops in active combat there, potentially significant threats to the U.S. are simmering elsewhere, from China to Russia, from India to Pakistan – and one of the world’s most secluded celebrity tourist destinations may prove to be the Cuba of the new millennium. Continue reading What Is The World’s Riskiest Hotspot?