Lou Gomez’s Memoir “Almost Famous” details a career in Music that Spans 65 Years

Career in music had Lou Gomez close to fame and the famous

ByTris McCall

The time is 1968.  The sound on the charts is bubblegum pop: snappy choruses, bright, chiming guitar, voices in harmony, and lyrics about candy and crushes.  The Ohio Express, one of the foremost bubblegum bands, is touring behind Top Ten hits “Yummy Yummy Yummy” and “Chewy Chewy.” And the man driving the irresistible beat?  That’s Lou Gomez, drummer and singer from Bayonne, New Jersey.

Fast forward to 1975. Styles have changed, and the bubblegum era has given way to the sophistication of funk and disco.  A band called Hudson County has gotten the party started in North Jersey with an underground hit called “Bim Sala Bim.”  Though the song is a dancefloor burner, it’s got a serious message, the inspiration behind it is serious: the resilience, optimism, and wisdom of a homeless person in New York City.   Once again, the guy laying down the groove — and the writer of the song, too — is Lou Gomez.