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The Top 25 Most ‘Emotionally Recharged’ U.S. States for 2015- New Jersey Ranked 8th, New York Ranked 21st

Refresh, renew your life NJ ranks 8th, New York ranks 21stWith many Americans making New Year's resolutions to feel better and avoid burnout in 2015, a new national survey revealed that "New Jersey is ranked the 8th and  "New York is ranked the #21 "Most 'Emotionally Recharged' U.S. states for 2015, according to the Lantern Emotional Balance Index."

To create this ranking, Lantern [] -- a groundbreaking online and mobile tool for evaluating your mind health -- surveyed 3,000 Americans to determine how frequently respondents are taking action to renew, refresh, and recharge their emotional well-being.

Based on a survey period from Dec. 26 to Jan. 9, more "emotionally recharged" U.S. states have residents who regularly learn something new, share a moment of closeness with a loved one, have a meaningful conversation with a friend, do a good deed for someone else, or engage in other activities that help them truly rest, recharge, and unwind:

***  The Lantern Emotional Balance Index  ***

The Top 25 Most 'Emotionally Recharged' U.S. States for 2015

#1:  New Hampshire (75% of residents are emotionally recharged)
#2:  Indiana (73%)
#3:  Louisiana (71%)
#4:  Kansas (69%)
#5:  Arkansas (68%)
#6:  Nevada (67%)
#7:  Georgia (66%)
#8:  New Jersey (65%)
#9:  Rhode Island (65%)
#10: Oklahoma (65%)
#11: Maine (64%)
#12: Maryland (64%)
#13: South Carolina (63%)
#14: Florida (62%)
#15: Connecticut (61%)
#16: Michigan (61%)
#17: Virginia (60%)
#18: Oregon (60%)
#19: Colorado (59%)
#20: Mississippi (59%)
#21: New York (58%)
#22: Illinois (58%)
#23: Kentucky (58%)
#24: Iowa (58%)
#25: Tennessee (57%)

NOTE:  Shown in parentheses are the average number of state residents who have engaged in emotionally recharging activities within the past two weeks.

 The Top 25 Least 'Emotionally Recharged' States for 2015

#1:  Utah (40% of residents are emotionally recharged)
#2:  Texas (41%)
#3:  Alaska (42%)
#4:  Arizona (43%)
#5:  South Dakota (43%)
#6:  Wyoming (44%)
#7:  Massachusetts (44%)
#8:  Washington (45%)
#9:  Nebraska (46%)
#10: Vermont (46%)
#11: Alabama (46%)
#12: Delaware (47%)
#13: New Mexico (49%)
#14: Hawaii (49%)
#15: Montana (50%)
#16: West Virginia (50%)
#17: Missouri (51%)
#18: North Dakota (51%)
#19: Pennsylvania (52%)
#20: North Carolina (52%)
#21: Minnesota (53%)
#22: Idaho (53%)
#23: Wisconsin (54%)
#24: Ohio (54%)
#25: California (55%)

For residents of any state who are not feeling as emotionally recharged as they would like, Lantern [] offers a free online assessment that evaluates your overall emotional well-being, tells you where you need to improve, and then matches you up with a trained professional to guide you through personalized daily exercises on your smartphone. 

For more details on these fascinating survey results as well as the life-changing Lantern app, I'm happy to arrange an interview with Lantern CEO Alejandro Foung -- an expert in using advanced technology to support mental health.

Alejandro is available for in-person (San Francisco and New York), phone, email, and Skype interviews from Jan. 20 to Jan. 30.

Also, if you're interested in a guest article or blog post from Alejandro on the survey results and how technological tools can help reduce stress and anxiety, please let me know as well.

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RIVER VIEW OBSERVER’S SITE SEEING Human faced Poodle/Shih Tzu available for adoption

In Mishawaka Indiana at the Homeward Bound Animal Welfare Group is a little dog named Tonik. Not very unusual you might say -there are plenty of dogs up for adoption, but this is no ordinary pooch this sweet little guy looks very much human.  Like a sweet little boy.

What do they say? ” People look like their pets.” This little pooch has turned that saying around.

What do you think?

available for adoption.



Where did Lego Man Come from-8ft Statue Washes Up on Florida Beach

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Bobbing gently in ankle-deep surf at a beach in Siesta Key Beach in Sarasota, Florida an 8 foot tall statue of Lego Man has stirred quite a mystery, having Siesta Beach authorities and local residents  askining where did it originate from, and how did it get in the water?

Resembling the little plastic figures that come with a child’s Lego set this mamouth piece is thought to be the brain- child of a dutch artist. And it is becoming to sound more and more as an art experiement because Lego Man has been popping up on various  shore lines since 2007 .

The words “NO REAL THAN YOU ARE” are written on the front of  his shirt and on the back of his shirt the name Ego  Leonard, who by the way has his own website. Until someone comes forward to claim Lego Man in Florida he will remain in the custody of the local Sherrief’s property shop.

If you want to find out more about Lego Man and visit Ego Leonard’s website click the link provided below.

Let us know what you think of Lego Man?

Lego Man

THIS DRESS IS SNAPPY-Dress Made of 12,000 Rubber Bands- Would You Wear It?

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rubber-band-dressBeautifully designed dress is made of 12,000 rubber bands.

Would you wear it?

Desinged by architect Margarita Mileva. Inspired by Paul Klee and Bauhaus.

This unique dress is made of 14,235 rubber bands in total,  8.8 pounds of rubber bands of various colors, lengths and sizes. Approximately , 2,225 for the belt,100 for the hair piece and  an amazing 12,000 for the dress.

Who knows maybe next year -will see it at Fashion Week!

Source: Stylelite

Top 33 World’s Strangest Buildings (sorted by 4.520 visitors votes on Bored


  River View Observer “Site Seeing” Bringing you interesting posts from around the web.

On the website you can find some very interesting buildings that dot the landscape around the world. The good folks at Bored decided to ask people who visit their site to vote on the buildings they found the strangest, based on the 4, 520 votes received by  the  33 photos represented here are how they were selected.

  • 1. Mind House (Barcelona, Spain)


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Source and thanks to Margie (thanks Cuz)
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