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Heart of Stone -Being Shown May 30th Hoboken Int’l Film Festival


stoneHoboken Film Festival
Saturday, May 30th at 12:00 PM
Cedar Lake Cinemas
503 Cedar Lane
Teanek, NJ 07666

New Jersey Film Festival
Sunday, June 7th at 7:00 PM
Milledoler Hall #100
(Near the corner of College Avenue and Hamilton Street)
College Avenue Campus, Rutgers University
New Brunswick, New Jersey

Director & Producer: Beth Toni Kruvant 2008
Executive Producer: Paul Bartick Composer: Ben Decter
Editor: Anand Kamalakar Director of Photography: David Harges
Good Footage Productions

Running time: 84 minutes

Heart of Stone – an inspirational documentary film by independent film producer and director Beth Toni Kruvant – documents the challenges of an inner city high school in the Weequahic section of Newark, NJ and the workings of its devoted principal Ron Stone, ambitious Jewish and African American alumni, students, and even gang members, to restore the school’s safety and past glory. Continue reading Heart of Stone -Being Shown May 30th Hoboken Int’l Film Festival

July- Stargazine 2008

Aries ^-Recent changes have neutralized some of your former power. So accustomed to royal treatment, a reality check is badly needed. The innate majesty of the Ram is still intact but your position has changed.  In the past those who have listened to your every word now turn a deaf ear. A new set of recruits for you to inspire will be shortly on the way. Exciting challenges to conquer put you again on the path to growth and prosperity.


Taurus Issues of devotion and honor in partnerships are highlighted by intense 7th house energies. Events are a part of a larger pattern so be aware of potential problems. Like gazing at the vastness of the ocean and noticing the humble beginnings of a tsunami, something is brewing. Use the patient side of your persona to transverse these emotional waves. Stay safe on dry land and under protective cover until beneficial aspects arrive in August. 

Gemini ` The 8th house Moon and Mercury show much correspondence between you and authorities of tax and insurance. A threatening notice may have arrived. You are frazzled but luckily this notice is not based on reality. Your returns have been filed diligently. If given attention, this matter will dissolve into an unpleasant memory that will soon be forgotten. Focus on a positive outcome and it will be yours.

Cancer a  Your solar return and birthday are of great importance. They are an indication of trends developing in the next year. Where should you direct your energy? The astral advice suggests towards education. There is always more to learn and experience. Mystical, spiritual, or subjects more mundane, you desire a challenge. Registration is now open in the College of the Universe. A degree ensures happiness and tranquility. Go for it. Continue reading July- Stargazine 2008


Month of August -Judy Banta Lewis
  AIRES-The aspects to the 1st house of your solar chart are stunning. The good news is people will see you as a powerful spirit. The bad news is they may be overwhelmed by your energy and go into an avoidant mode. If your associates see you walking down the hallway and slip into the bathroom just so they don’t have to face you, it could be time to tone down that Aries personality. Just a thought, the astral advice suggests.

TAURUS- Mars in the 2nd house of finance and nicely aspected will find you pushing for the financial advantage that you so deserve. At this time you sense the universe is in harmony with your inner soul. Money and success are not bad words. Your pot of gold will begin filling in the month of August.

GEMINI– Short trips can lead to adventure as you seem destined for excitement. Time away from home leaves you lusting for more. This is a month that will be remembered as one of the best life has to offer. Normal concerns will return in the fall but now is the time for FUN.

CANCER- Activity to the 5th house of your solar chart with Mercury Continue reading Horoscope-STARGAZINE