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Mayor Fulop Announces 1st Annual Pet Wellness Week;Dept. of Health & Human Services Receives Support from the ASPCA for FREE Rabies Vaccinations

JERSEY CITY SEAL LOGOJERSEY CITY – Mayor Steven M. Fulop and the Department of Health & Human Services is pleased to announce its First Annual Pet Wellness Week, which is being made possible with a $10,000 grant from the ASPCA® (American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) that will provide 450 FREE rabies vaccinations for Jersey City dogs and cats. HHS is also partnering with People for
Animals at each of the clinics.

TUESDAY, OCT. 15th, 2 pm to 7 pm, Mary McLeod Bethune Center (140 Martin Luther King Jr. Dr., parking lot)
WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 16th, 2 pm to 7 pm, City Hall Park (280 Grove St.)
THURSDAY, OCTOBER 17th, 2 pm to 7 pm, Pershing Field (210 Central Ave.)
“Jersey City residents care about their pets and know that healthy pets make a great contribution to the quality of life in Jersey City,” said Mayor Fulop. “Pet Wellness Week is one of our initiatives to help people take good care of their companion animals.” Continue reading Mayor Fulop Announces 1st Annual Pet Wellness Week;Dept. of Health & Human Services Receives Support from the ASPCA for FREE Rabies Vaccinations


Bark in the Park: FUNDRAISER

Registration for Bark in the Park walkers is now open! Walkers can sign up individually, form teams, or fundraise as a “virtual walker” if you cannot attend the event.

Their   goal this year is to raise $40,000–which Liberty Humane Society   is confident  their supporters can help them achieve.

The initial registration fee is $25 a for single walker and $35 for a human plus one dog.

Why stop there? If at least 200 participants each raise a total of $200, LHS will already be at their goal! Visit the Bark in the Park webpage now to learn more about the event, create your personalized fundraising webpage, and get some great tips on how to form teams and maximize your fundraising potential.

Help Liberty Humane Society make this the  biggest fundraiser of the year the most successful one of the year!

Vendor registration is still open as well! Sign up for a booth today to be a part of this dog-lover’s extravaganza. Submission forms are due by Wednesday, August 29th.

Recognizing Our Canine Heros

September 11th, 2011 Ceremony to Recognize 9/11 Working Dog

Liberty State Park, Jersey City 12:45 pm

River View Observer Staff


On Sun, Sept 11th, “Finding One Another: the 10th Anniversary Tribute to the Canine Search & Rescue Community of 9/11”  will honor canine working dog teams on the 10th anniversary of the Sept. 11th attacks on the World Trade Center. “Finding One Another” has identified more than 950 working dog teams (civilian, government, law enforcement and military) who served in response to 9/11. These teams were involved with search and rescue, recovery and security efforts at Ground Zero, the Pentagon, Shanksville, and the Fresh Kills Landfill recovery site. Continue reading Recognizing Our Canine Heros

A Dog’s Best Friend- Hudson County Photographer JOE FRAZZ

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Joe Frazz

by Evelyn Bonilla
Standing amongst the rubble of an old abandoned lot, photographer Joe Frazz takes out his camera and clicks away at a dog that walks anxiously over the rubble looking for food. This particular moment that Frazz points and clicks with his camera, is a moment that some would probably take for granted, but for Frazz it’s a moment that may help. Continue reading A Dog’s Best Friend- Hudson County Photographer JOE FRAZZ

Dogtopia opens First Ever Franchise in New Jersey

River View Observer Best Pick for Pet Care: Dogtopia-“Doggie Daycare in Bayonne, New Jersey at Its Finest”

By Evelyn Bonilla

Owners of New Jersey's First ever Dogtopia Franchise Donna Ostrowski and Elise Tomczak

Bayonne residents Donna Ostrowski and  Elise  Tomczak have been caring for animals for many years.  Ostrowski has been caring for animals since childhood and Tomczak a lab technician in the healthcare industry is an avid dog lover. The two have worked hand in hand, in and in-house pet care business so they can empathize with the importance of having to trust someone with one of their own.

While working in their in-house pet care business, they noticed a demand from owners looking to find quality care for their pet dogs, so together they decided to find a concept that would offer them the opportunity to help. In their search they came across a franchise entitled “Dogtopia”, founded in 2002 by Amy Nichols, Tomczak and Ostrowski decided that this is what would fulfill the demand.


Continue reading Dogtopia opens First Ever Franchise in New Jersey

Pets-Meeting Pets’ Needs on a Budget

Meeting Pets' Needs on a Budget

Meeting Pets’ Needs on a Budget 

(NewsUSA) – It is possible to care for, even pamper, your pet on a budget or fixed income. By planning carefully and making smart shopping decisions, you can save money on food, toys and treats.

– Save money on everyday essentials, such as pet food, by shopping at deep discount stores. Forty percent of the money Americans spend on pets is for food. You will find savings on name-brand pet food at a deep discount store such as Dollar General. Remember that you can save even more by buying private label food. Many private label products are equivalent to the national brands.

Continue reading Pets-Meeting Pets’ Needs on a Budget

Are those Cute Little Piggies- Big Problems?

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tea-cup-pigsA craze that started in England “Tea Cup Pigs” is begining to find its critics. Read what a recent article has  has to say about owning one of these pint size porkers. “Do good things really come in small packages”? You decide!

Source: Paw Nation

More Stories   –Original Piggie Story   also  Tea Cup Pigs Video

New Jersey Seagull -Caught In The Act-Could It Be One of the Soprano’s-This birds no stool pigeon

So, this gull walks into a store… Point Pleasant Beach , NJ

Thief Seagull Pictures, Images and Photos
It has developed the habit of stealing Doritos from a neighborhood convenience store.

(notice how the gull takes one last quick look to see if anyone is watching)

The seagull waits until the manager isn’t looking, and then walks into the store and grabs a snack-size bag of cheese Doritos.

Once outside, the bag gets ripped open and shared by other birds.

The seagull’s shoplifting started early this month when he first swooped into the store in Point Pleasant Beach, NJ, and helped himself to a bag of Doritos. Since then, he’s become a regular. He always takes the same type of chips.

The manager thinks it’s great because people are coming to watch the feathered thief make the daily grab and run, and that’s good for business, and especially since customers have begun paying for the seagull’s stolen bags of Doritos because they think it’s so funny. However, the manager did say, ‘This is New Jersey , and if that seagull starts to grab a 6-pack of ‘Bud’ to go along with the Doritos, I may have to put a stop to it.’
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Would You Keep One of these Unusual Pets?- Others Do!!

Unusual Pets Get homes

skunkAn exotic or unusual pet is like a small part of untamed Nature. For some people, exotics remind them that the world contains millions of species that have evolved free from human intervention.

Take the Madagascar hissing cockroach, for instance. The very name sends chills up the spines of some people. Others, however, will be fascinated at the elaborate rituals these creatures have developed to defend territory, produce offspring, or simply to identify themselves. You don’t need to own a Bengal tiger to own an unusual pet. Unless a person has the right training, time, temperament, finances and home, owning such an animal is extremely ill advised.

The following unusual and exotic pets can be owned throughout the United States, Continue reading Would You Keep One of these Unusual Pets?- Others Do!!

Britian’s latest craze “Adorable Tea Cup Pigs”

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In England “This little  14″  piggie” can cost up to $1,100 each

tea-cup-pigsThey’re called “teacup pigs,”  and they’re the hottest pet sensation to hit Great Britain in years.

 learn more –Source msnbc