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Photography- Hudson County Photographer Rebecca Ferrier Opens Exhibit “Motels in Jersey City” on October 2nd


By Evelyn Bonilla

“Natural and memorable”, is the best way to describe the photography of Hudson County photographer Rebecca Ferrier. Well-known for preserving the history of things that are slowly disappearing from the past; through her images she is able to awaken what once was.

In her newest exhibit “Motels”, she travels from the north to the south of New Jersey to capture the true essence of what motels once were. Once a prime place to stay, motels are slowly vanishing in the wake of large hotels. Ferrier explains, “With my photography, I like to document objects that are slowly disappearing. Some motels are changing and being renovated, while others are just fading away. Through my images, I hope to document its true meaning.”

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jenniferknappphoto1hirescrediteyephotographySinger songwriter Jennifer Knapp returned from a seven-year hiatus with her new album Letting Go (Gravlin/RED), released on May 11th 2010. The Grammy nominated, Dove Award winning artist is currently on a cross-country tour, which included performances at SXSW and the re-vamped Lilith Fair.

Recorded in Nashville, Letting Go was produced by Paul Moak (Mat Kearney, Martha Wainwright, and Amy Grant) and features ten intimate folk, country-tinged rock songs showcasing her astonishing straightforwardness and spirituality. 



Business -Are you a “Wantreprenuer?”

Wantrepenuer -some one who wants to start a business but never does. The opposite of Entrepenuer. –

3 Reasons Why Most People Will Never Earn More Money — And What You Can Do About It!

money This is a guest post by best-selling author and blogger Ramit Sethi.

For years, the most requested topic on my site, I Will Teach You To Be Rich, has been earning more money. Yet I intentionally stayed away because it’s almost always sleazy, attracting a ton of losers who simply want a silver bullet instead of actually working hard to earn money.

But if you’ve read my stuff, you know that I don’t spend much time on frugality, which I mostly consider a waste of time. Instead, I encourage people to focus on the Big Wins – automation, investing, negotiating, and understanding the psychology of money.

Source: TrenttheSimpleDollar.com & Manvs.Debt.com -  thanks to Jeffery Fry for the term Wantreprenuer


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Hudson County Actress Tammy Blanchard Appearing in CBS Program “The Good Wife”

tammy-for-good-wifeNow Hudson County residents have a good reason to watch CBS’s Hit The Good Wife one of their own residents will be appearing this fall in the second season.

According to the Ausiello File it has been annoucned that Emmy -Award Wining Hudson County Actress Tammy Blanchard will will join the cast for the up -coming  season of  the “Good Wife.”

Blanchard will appear as a confidante to Cary (Matt Czuchryone of Glen Childs’ underlings.

Described as a “fair-minded assistant state’s attorney who looks more like an indie-band drummer than a lawyer,” Blanchard’s character — who will likely recur — befriends the department’s newest employee, Cary (who joined Childs’ camp after getting pink-slipped by Will and Diane in the finale)

To read more about this visit Ausiello File

Source Ausiello File /Michael Ausiello


Devotion Vodka, the world’s first protein-infused vodka, launches in New Jersey

 River View Observer “Site Seeing” Bringing you interesting posts from around the web”

devotionNew Jersey – March 22, 2010 – The combination of bar hopping and gym-going can often be a double-edged sword. While everyone enjoys a great night out, the next day results in a sluggish, slow day that seems to negate the effects of frequent gym visits. Enter Andrew Adelman and Devotion Vodka. A fitness and nightlife enthusiast himself, Adelman felt the spirits market was lacking a product that could coincide with customers’ goals. So Devotion Vodka was born, the first premium vodka infused with Casein. Casein is a protein that prevents the breakdown of muscle and actually helps build it. The patented proprietary solution found only in Devotion Vodka is quickly transforming the cocktail in San Francisco (where it launched in November), while also defining a new generation of vodka aficionados who devote themselves fully to everything they do in life. Continue reading Devotion Vodka, the world’s first protein-infused vodka, launches in New Jersey

New Virus Targets Facebook Users

facebookA new virus is being spammed across the Internet, sending e-mails requesting that Facebook login information be reset. Facebook users and others are being warned not to click on the attachments in emails that appear to be from Facebook, asking for a password reset confirmation. Users receive e-mail messages that appear to be from the social networking website and the e-mails have malicious attachments that will immediately infect computers once opened. Some of the actions of the virus include searching for and stealing passwords and login information to a variety of personal accounts, including banking information and investment accounts.
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10 Crucial Consumer Trends for 2010

River View Observer’s “Site Seeing”  Bringing you interesting posts from around the web.

2010 May Yield a Bonanza of Opportunities


According to Trendwatching.com- 2010 may yield a bonanza of opportunities.  If the Global Recession has ended what trends will we see this coming year that could bring a host of recession-proof opportunities.


Number one on their list is –BUSINESS AS USUALL- see what else made the list.


Do you agree with these trends-can you add something not mentioned ?

We welcome your comments

Fashion – The One Shoulder Dress -Falls Hottest Trend

infphoto_1079959_jpg_fullThe One -Shoulder Dress this Fall’s Hottest Fashion Trend is worn by Reality TV Star Kim Kardashian 

The style is everywhere from Hollywood to Bollywood and all over the world women are opting for the one-shoulder dress.  A throwback to an 80s style dress which has become popular today, especially on the party scene.

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Holiday Events in New Jersey


Enjoy Holiday Events from  JerseyArts.com