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Money Views-Defending Debt – Why It’s Good

When it comes to the best ways to use money, too many Americans operate under a key misconception, says investment adviser and financial planner Ike Ikokwu.

“Money is opportunity, and having a blind spot for maximizing investment can drastically reduce one’s future options,” says Ikokwu, author of Winning the Money Game: Separating the Myths from the Truth (www.winningthemoneygame.net).

That blind spot is debt, he says. Just as Americans have learned that are such things as good fats and good cholesterol, so too is there good debt for a prosperous financial future.

“The three most common ways people in this country get rich all involve using debt,” he says. “They use it to launch businesses, invest in real estate, or pay for advanced degrees in order to become high-income earners.”

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Business -Are you a “Wantreprenuer?”

Wantrepenuer -some one who wants to start a business but never does. The opposite of Entrepenuer. –

3 Reasons Why Most People Will Never Earn More Money — And What You Can Do About It!

money This is a guest post by best-selling author and blogger Ramit Sethi.

For years, the most requested topic on my site, I Will Teach You To Be Rich, has been earning more money. Yet I intentionally stayed away because it’s almost always sleazy, attracting a ton of losers who simply want a silver bullet instead of actually working hard to earn money.

But if you’ve read my stuff, you know that I don’t spend much time on frugality, which I mostly consider a waste of time. Instead, I encourage people to focus on the Big Wins – automation, investing, negotiating, and understanding the psychology of money.

Source: TrenttheSimpleDollar.com & Manvs.Debt.com -  thanks to Jeffery Fry for the term Wantreprenuer


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