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How to Publish the Great American eNovel

Writers Forge a New Frontier with eBooks

February 10th cover by Anthony Piscitelli
February 10th cover by Anthony Piscitelli

River View Observer cover story

 by Sally Deering

 During the 2010 holiday season, Amazon.com sold 2 million Kindles and Barnes & Noble selling 1.5 million Nooks, stats that are a wake-up call to big name book publishers and a “Yahoo!” to writers everywhere who can now self-publish their Great American Novels their way. Ebook publishing is the new frontier for writers to boldly sell their fiction and non-fiction – and find their niche – and a possible income – utilizing 21st Century technology and the social media network that connects us all.

 Electronic Readers have transformed the way we’re reading biographies, textbooks, cook books, you name it.  Books of every genre are now available via download and ebook publishers like Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Google (and more) are giving writers the chance to see their books in electronic print not only on Kindles and Nooks, but IPads, IPhones, Droids and other techno gadgets.  Of course, the Big Kahunas of book publishing like Random House, Harper Collins, and Simon & Schuster are still doing big business in hardcovers and paperback, but the stats indicate more and more people would rather click a button on their handy electronic reader than turn the page of a dog-eared book. Continue reading How to Publish the Great American eNovel

MUSIC River View Observer Best Pick New Artist Chrissi Poland

Chrissi Poland
Songs from the Concrete

Imagine the songwriting inspiration of Joni Mitchell, steeped in the soulful sensibility of Donny Hathaway, played by the cream of the world’s musicians and sung with the voice of an angel…one whose very life experience pours out of every song. This is the magic that is contained in Songs From the Concrete…the powerful new debut ep by singer/songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Chrissi Poland.

While her searing and soulful voice is her primary instrument, Chrissi is the consummate musician and is adept at piano, guitar and drums. She is currently performing music from the new ep at many of NYC’s hottest venues including Le Poisson Rouge, The Living Room, The Rockwood Music Hall, City Winery and The Metropolitan Room. On May 13, 2010 she will be performing live at the Canal Room to celebrate the official release of Songs From the Concrete. Continue reading MUSIC River View Observer Best Pick New Artist Chrissi Poland

New Virus Targets Facebook Users

facebookA new virus is being spammed across the Internet, sending e-mails requesting that Facebook login information be reset. Facebook users and others are being warned not to click on the attachments in emails that appear to be from Facebook, asking for a password reset confirmation. Users receive e-mail messages that appear to be from the social networking website and the e-mails have malicious attachments that will immediately infect computers once opened. Some of the actions of the virus include searching for and stealing passwords and login information to a variety of personal accounts, including banking information and investment accounts.
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