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‘Joey Pants,’ as he is affectionately known, is a masterful character as seen in “Risky Business,” “The Goonies,” “La Bamba,” “Midnight Run,” “Bad Boys I and II,” “Empire of the Sun,” “The Fugitive,” “The Matrix,” “Memento,”  “Daredevil” and, finally, his portrayal of the eccentric mobster Ralphie Cifaretto in HBO’s landmark series “The Sopranos,” won him a 2003 Primetime Emmy Award.

 On December 7, 2010 the Hoboken, Edward A. Dalton Boys & Girls Club will host their 13th Annual fundraiser, “An Evening with Two Guys from Hoboken,” honoring the efforts of the neighborhood’s own Joe Pantoliano and Rich Pèpe. In collaboration with Hoboken’s oldest restaurant, event sponsor “Leo’s Grandesvous,” the duo will cook a family style Italian dinner for guests using Pèpe & Pants Pasta Sauce.   Also another neighborhood famous business, Carlos Bakery known for the home of the CAKE BOSS will be donating their famous cake for the evening’s event.   This family style event will raise funds to support the community’s youth development programs, as well as Pantoliano’s No Kidding, Me Too! NKM2 is Pantoliano’s own non-profit organization is dedicated to removing the stigma associated with mental illness. All of the profits from Pèpe & Pants Pasta sauce is donated to NKM2. Continue reading BOYS & GIRLS CLUBS HONOR JOE PANTOLIANO WITH THE HELP OF THE CAKE BOSS AT “AN EVENING WITH TWO GUYS FROM HOBOKEN”

The Rolling Stones Live on Film : 1964-1975 Exclusive New Jersey Premiere Presentations

rolling-stonesDeBaun Auditorium- Steven’s Institute of Technology

Wed. Oct. 13 –Doors open at 7pm
Music Legends Live on Film-Rare Performances from the Shelley Archives

An exciting evening of rare early performances by The Rolling Stones,
including their first appearances on television in the USA & Europe, promo films, concerts & newsreels by film and music archivist BILL SHELLEY. 1964-75 was undoubtedly one of The Stones’ peak artistic periods; the band was as wildly popular and influential as The Beatles.
There will be a Q & A with archivist Bill Shelley following each presentation as well as a performance by ACE – the Alternative Controller Ensemble, comprised of students in Stevens Institute’s Music & Technology Program.

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Hi-Lighting the Positives of Youth Counseling Services

October 10th, the Friends of YCS will host their fifth annual Walk In Edgewater Along Hudson River

 By David Block

 Canoeing, fishing, swimming, splashing the grown ups, receiving holiday and birthday presents – these are normal joys that most children experience. Unfortunately, for many children who enter Youth Counseling Services (YCS) for the first time, these things are anything but normal.

 For them, normal means, being abused: sexually, physically, mentally and verbally. For some, normal means spending time in jail, just like Mom and Dad. Normal means selling drugs, just like Mom and Dad. Normal means, stealing, just like Mom and Dad. Normal means being neglected and abandoned, year after year, time after time.


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Happenings:On the Other Side of the Hudson River

The First Annual Green City Challenge Competition

Picture 65

New York, NY – On Sunday, October 17, 2010 the first annual Green City Challenge will take place in Lower Manhattan.  Contestants will race from one green business to another on bicycles and complete challenges that demonstrate their knowledge of how to live, work and eat green.  They will earn giant jigsaw puzzle pieces and solve clues in their quest to reach the finish line. This event is designed to be fun and educational for New Yorkers who are already green as well as for those who are curious and want to learn more about ways to live a sustainable lifestyle.

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Dining Out – The Embankment Restaurant in Jersey City

River View Observer -Restaurant Views -Elegant Dining and a Sexxy Upstaris Lounge at the Embankment

by Sally Deering


Dave  and his sister Anne Marie carved a niche on Grove Street with their handsome little restaurant, The Merchant, where the bar is cozy, the drinks are yummy and the food is All-American delish! It’s a great place to go for a business luncheon, watch a game or hang out with your friends and talk about life.

 Dave and Anne Marie decided to try something a little more upscale and 2-1/2 years ago they opened The Embankment, a beautiful fine-dining restaurant nestled in the heart of 10th Street in the Hamilton Park neighborhood, where friendly neighbors drop by for brunch, dinner and drinks with friends.

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Finalist Enzo Palumbo of Big Brother Season 12 Gets Home Coming Party at Bayonne’s Ten East Restaurant

Ten East Restaurant, Bayonne NJ  location “Welcome Home Party” for Big Brother season 12 finalist Enzo Palumbo

Happy to be home and out of the house Big Brother finalist from season 12 -Enzo Palumbo and his family and friends enjoyed a night of partying at Bayonne, New Jersey’s Ten East Restaurant on Friday October, 1st.

The River View Observer was there.

All photo’s by

Enzo Palumbo and wife Joella (r) party with family and friends at Ten East RestaurantÂ


Ten East owners Anthony (L) and Patrick Franconeri(R) pose with Enzo Palumbo

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Events -Hoboken Art and Music Festival October 3rd, 2010

hob-fair-8-bandThe River View Observer photographer was at the Hoboken Art and Music Festival see our images here.

Sun. Oct. 3rd 11am to 6pm Washington St. -Observer Highway to 7th St.

hob-fair-7-hob-libraryhob-fair-11-hob-motorcylce-clubhob-fair-6-matadorhob-fair-4-bernie-look-alikehob-fair-hcia-9There was over 300 Artists, Crafters, Photographers, Local Businesses, Restaurants, Food Vendors & more
With 3 Stages of live music Special features include Fine artists are located between 2nd & 3rd St., so if you are an art collector, this is the place to be. Oil paintings, watercolors, acrylics, sculpture, mixed media, etc. 

See more photos

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Photography- Hudson County Photographer Rebecca Ferrier Opens Exhibit “Motels in Jersey City” on October 2nd


By Evelyn Bonilla

“Natural and memorable”, is the best way to describe the photography of Hudson County photographer Rebecca Ferrier. Well-known for preserving the history of things that are slowly disappearing from the past; through her images she is able to awaken what once was.

In her newest exhibit “Motels”, she travels from the north to the south of New Jersey to capture the true essence of what motels once were. Once a prime place to stay, motels are slowly vanishing in the wake of large hotels. Ferrier explains, “With my photography, I like to document objects that are slowly disappearing. Some motels are changing and being renovated, while others are just fading away. Through my images, I hope to document its true meaning.”

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The Health of a child- A Night for Meghan “Maggie” Russo

Everyone deserves happiness. Sometimes bringing it to others brings it back to you.

Please watch this video and help if you can by attending .
The FallenFaithful Movie

  A NIGHT FOR MEGHAN “Maggie” RUSSO  October 25th 2010 @ 7:30pm Directors Guild of America Theater 110 West 57th Street New York, NY 10019 (212) 258-0890

AFTER PARTY TO FOLLOW @ 5th Avenue Presbyterian Church 7 West 55th St New York, NY 10019 (212)247-0490


Meghan Elizabeth Russo (Maggie) came into the world on January 10, 2008, a happy and healthy baby girl born to proud parents Mike and Mary Beth, a NYC firefighter and a teacher turned stay at home mom. Her best friend and hero is her big brother Michael, 13 months her senior, and she is the proud big sister of her baby sister, Mary Kate. Meghan is a bubbly, vivacious bundle of energy and Mommy and Daddy’s beautiful Princess.
In late October 2009, Meghan’s parents noticed that her left eye was reflecting strangely in the light.

During a trip to the pediatrician’s office, Mike and Mary Beth asked the doctor to examine her eye. Moments later, her doctor was setting up an emergency trip to the ophthalmologist’s office. Later that evening, Meghan was diagnosed with retinoblastoma, a rare form of cancer.

Six days later, Meghan and her parents went to see Dr. David Abramson at Memorial Sloan-Kettering. After an examination under anesthesia, Dr. Abramson confirmed that she had retinoblastoma. He said that the tumor was covering over 60% of her eye, that the retina was severed and she had no vision, and that her safest option was an enucleation (removal of the eye). Dr. Abramson did offer an alternative treatment called chemo-reduction, but he felt that it was not in Meghan’s best interest. With the knowledge that Meghan would never regain sight in her left eye, and the fear that the cancer could spread toward her other eye, her nervous system or her brain, Meghan’s parents agreed to the surgery.
On Monday, November 9, 2009, Meghan had an enucleation of the left eye. She was home that night. By the next morning, if it weren’t for the tell-tale bandage, you would not know that she was sick.
December marked the beginning of her visits to the occularist, who began to fit her for a prosthetic eye. She also continued to make regular trips to Dr. Abramson to make sure the cancer had not returned.
While on vacation in the Poconos for President’s Week, Meghan began to look like she was getting a black eye. Her prostheses did not fit right, nor did it stay in very well. When the family returned to New York, they went to visit the occularist. A new prostheses was given, as well as the assurance that all was well. However as the week progressed, Meghan’s upper and lower eye lids continued to swell. By the following weekend, the prostheses would no longer stay in.
On Tuesday March 2, 2010, Meghan returned to Dr. Abramson, where her family was told the cancer had returned. The next two weeks were filled with trips to Memorial Sloan-Kettering, where her team of doctors tried to figure out if the cancer had spread outside her eye socket. Finally, tests confirmed that the cancer had also spread to her bone marrow.
The chemotherapy has done quite a number on Maggie’s immune system, and she has been battling two tenacious viruses over the past five months. At one point, she was down to 20 lbs (she was 36 when she began in March). She is now given vitamins and lipids through her IV each night, and her weight has slowly climbed back up to 30 lbs.
Meghan is currently receiving chemotherapy treatments at Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center, and will soon be admitted for her bone marrow transplant. Her doctors are hopeful that the chemotherapy will destroy the cancer, but she has a rough road ahead.

After party to follow.

Big Brother’s Enzo Palumbo -Bayonne to Hollywood with the Meow-Meow!

enzo-p-photo-3Bayonne’s Enzo Palumbo Loses “Big Brother” Cash but Keeps an Eye on the Hollywood Prize- River View Observer Exclusive Interview

By Sally Deering

Photo sent  by Enzo Palumbo

      First, an explanation of the “meow meow.” It’s like “etcetera, etcetera,” mixed with “yada yada” with a hint of “Oh yeah? What’s it to ya?” It’s also the nickname of Enzo Palumbo, a handsome, funny, “tell it like it is” insurance adjustor from Bayonne who spent 75 days as a contestant on CBS’s “Big Brother” this summer.  Let’s let Palumbo describe the “meow-meow.”

enzo-p-photo-5“Meow-meow” it stems from back in the day,” Palumbo says. “Years ago, I was with my friend and we were with two girls. One sits in the front seat with me and before I put my radio on, she farts in my car and tries to blame me. I ask her, what are you doing?  She says, ‘whatever, meow, meow. That was the end of it. Meow meow.  I’m a straight up cool cat.”

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