Devotion Vodka, the world’s first protein-infused vodka, launches in New Jersey

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devotionNew Jersey – March 22, 2010 – The combination of bar hopping and gym-going can often be a double-edged sword. While everyone enjoys a great night out, the next day results in a sluggish, slow day that seems to negate the effects of frequent gym visits. Enter Andrew Adelman and Devotion Vodka. A fitness and nightlife enthusiast himself, Adelman felt the spirits market was lacking a product that could coincide with customers’ goals. So Devotion Vodka was born, the first premium vodka infused with Casein. Casein is a protein that prevents the breakdown of muscle and actually helps build it. The patented proprietary solution found only in Devotion Vodka is quickly transforming the cocktail in San Francisco (where it launched in November), while also defining a new generation of vodka aficionados who devote themselves fully to everything they do in life. The new 80-proof, triple-distilled vodka hits Adelman’s native New Jersey today, in a state where he says, “the people aren’t afraid to stand out and take charge; we’ve always worked hard and played harder.  That is the mantra of the Devotion brand.”

 Not only has Devotion Vodka been successful in the nightlife arena, but the brand was also just recognized by the Radius Beverage Trends Report. This report provides an overview of key new product launches and movements across the beverage industry, highlighting the most interesting, stylish and innovative new brands and products from around the world. “Ultimately, you must deliver great taste, extreme clarity and excellent mouth feel,” says Bob Jones, VP of Devotion Spirits, Inc. “With Devotion Vodka Infused with Casein, we believe we have delivered on every front.” Devotion Vodka has been introduced in a 750-milliliter bottle at a suggested retail price of $28.99. The custom designed bottle is not only distinctive, it is transformational. The frosted glass bottle with the iconic logo and recognizable red cap has further distinguished the brand and lifestyle that is unique to Devotion Vodka Infused with

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