New Virus Targets Facebook Users

facebookA new virus is being spammed across the Internet, sending e-mails requesting that Facebook login information be reset. Facebook users and others are being warned not to click on the attachments in emails that appear to be from Facebook, asking for a password reset confirmation. Users receive e-mail messages that appear to be from the social networking website and the e-mails have malicious attachments that will immediately infect computers once opened. Some of the actions of the virus include searching for and stealing passwords and login information to a variety of personal accounts, including banking information and investment accounts.
McAfee said that it saw the largest proliferation of the infected e-mails on Tuesday and that it is likely that the scam will end up infecting millions of computers around the world. The best approach is to never click on attachments unless you are 100% sure of the sender and the integrity of the attachment.

Facebook confirmed that it does not send such e-mails and that it is warning users to alert others of the pending danger in the virus-laden e-mails. Facebook users may represent a very vulnerable demographic for virus spreaders and hackers, as they are often unconcerned with the security of their online activity. People often engage in Facebook, Instant Messaging and e-mailing simultaneously, rapidly clicking on everything that’s flying in and out of their screens. It’s easy to imagine millions of Facebook users “accidentally” clicking on an e-mail attachment they believe is from Facebook without ever thinking about it.

By Buzzle Staff and Agencies
Published: 3/19/2010

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