Photography- Hudson County Photographer Rebecca Ferrier Opens Exhibit “Motels in Jersey City” on October 2nd


By Evelyn Bonilla

“Natural and memorable”, is the best way to describe the photography of Hudson County photographer Rebecca Ferrier. Well-known for preserving the history of things that are slowly disappearing from the past; through her images she is able to awaken what once was.

In her newest exhibit “Motels”, she travels from the north to the south of New Jersey to capture the true essence of what motels once were. Once a prime place to stay, motels are slowly vanishing in the wake of large hotels. Ferrier explains, “With my photography, I like to document objects that are slowly disappearing. Some motels are changing and being renovated, while others are just fading away. Through my images, I hope to document its true meaning.”

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A wedding photographer for several years, Ferrier has always specialized in “documentation photography”. Drawn to all things, “Americana”, through her lens she is able to preserve these images for all to see. When asked what inspires her she explained, “My grandfather was a photographer, so I saw many images, but true inspiration came when I was traveling in South Asia, there is where I realized that I liked to photograph. I became interested in the culture, the people and what was happening around me and I realized that through my camera I would be able to document what I was seeing”

Ferrier’s motivation is drawn from seeing the final product of her work and sharing it with others. Her future goal is to continue to document images of New Jersey, a state which she loves. She hopes to continue to travel the world documenting people, places and objects and to one day consolidate all of her images into a book.

Documenting and capturing the moment is something this talented photographer is truly good at, but the true essence of Ferrier is the ability to bring these images to life and that’s what makes this Hudson County photographer truly unique.

Interested in viewing the images of Rebecca Ferrier” her exhibit “Motels” will open on Saturday, October 2nd at “The Merchant”  located at 279 Grove Street in downtown, Jersey City. The exhibit will open at 12:00 pm.

Interested in learning more about Rebecca Ferrier you can email her at [email protected]



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