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10 Crucial Consumer Trends for 2010

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2010 May Yield a Bonanza of Opportunities


According to Trendwatching.com- 2010 may yield a bonanza of opportunities.  If the Global Recession has ended what trends will we see this coming year that could bring a host of recession-proof opportunities.


Number one on their list is –BUSINESS AS USUALL- see what else made the list.


Do you agree with these trends-can you add something not mentioned ?

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New Cash for Clunkers Program Targets Household Appliances

Early this year, the federal government will launch a cash for clunkers program that offers rebates for purchases of new efficient appliances. The success of the cash for clunkers  model with the automobile industry is now spreading to a new arena -appliances . In much the same way that the automobile program was designed to reward Americans for buying newer and more efficient vehicles in exchange for old gas guzzlers, the new program will provide small rebates to people who are replacing old appliances with new ones.

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