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Dining Out – The Embankment Restaurant in Jersey City

River View Observer -Restaurant Views -Elegant Dining and a Sexxy Upstaris Lounge at the Embankment

by Sally Deering


Dave  and his sister Anne Marie carved a niche on Grove Street with their handsome little restaurant, The Merchant, where the bar is cozy, the drinks are yummy and the food is All-American delish! It’s a great place to go for a business luncheon, watch a game or hang out with your friends and talk about life.

 Dave and Anne Marie decided to try something a little more upscale and 2-1/2 years ago they opened The Embankment, a beautiful fine-dining restaurant nestled in the heart of 10th Street in the Hamilton Park neighborhood, where friendly neighbors drop by for brunch, dinner and drinks with friends.

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Ten East – Hibachi, Fusion and Sushi Bar Lounge

James Bond Cool with a Side of Sexy!

by Sally Deering


 Tucked away in the back of South Cove Commons, a waterfront mall in Bayonne where fast-food places gratify customers on the run, Ten East – Hibachi, Fusion and Sushi Bar Lounge is an intoxicating oasis at the end of an asphalt parking lot. An exotic restaurant where the cocktails, cuisine and atmosphere are so divinely cool, you can practically picture Secret Agent 007 ordering a Jade martini (vodka and melon-pear juice) shaken, not stirred.

 The alluring atmosphere at Ten East whispers James Bond cool as you step inside the sleek and sexy restaurant bathed in red lighting with two stylish dining rooms and the sleek curves of an inviting bar. The lounge serves as the central focal point between the Asian Fusion dining room and the Hibachi dining area where nimble-fingered chefs prepare your meal right at your table juggling cutlery in a dramatic display of culinary “martial arts.”


Pictured (L) General Manager Tokio Naito, Bar Manager Carmella Addesso, Owners of Ten East Anthony and Patrick Franconeri 

 Ten East is the dream child of brothers Anthony and Patrick Franconeri, who grew up in Bayonne the sons of hard-working parents who ran their own local eatery. The boys, who attended Marist High School, decided they would someday design their own restaurant in Bayonne that would reflect their personal tastes. The result:  a sexy, sultry restaurant and club that serves sophisticated Asian cuisine in a sensual atmosphere and perfect location for appetizing adventures. Continue reading Ten East – Hibachi, Fusion and Sushi Bar Lounge

Art Views- Emerging Artist Johnny Pens

johnny-pens-new-art“Johnny Pens”johnny-pens

By Evelyn Bonilla

 Emerging new artist John Marto aka “Johnny Pens” is unique and very talented; his ability to create cartoon drawings with the use of color pens is amazing as it is impressive. An artist in the downtown Jersey City area, Pens, inception into his art began by making small circles and lines on regular paper. As Pens recalls it, it began as just simple doodling on the Path train, but later turned into an assortment of cartoon characters.johnny-marto-artwork-2

He went from drawing on the Path train to drawing in front of his home, which would soon gather an audience of children as well as adults; they would stop in front of his home during the summer to view him as he drew. Pens began to sketch these lively cartoon characters on manila folders, and with each drawing he captured more and more detail. Framed and displayed they are artistry at its finest.

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 Stacks Pancake House & Café Filling Void Among Trendy Restaurant Scene in Hoboken


             HOBOKEN, N.J. (January 11, 2010) – The much-anticipated pancake house, Stacks Pancake House & Café, finally opened its doors on December 11th in Hoboken on trendy Washington Street drawing record crowds and endless lines on the weekend.  Filling a void of offering pancakes for dinner, as well as other reasonably-priced American comfort cuisine, Stacks is bringing families, Hoboken professionals and the late-night bite crowd together to enjoy delicious food in an upscale, trendy atmosphere.  Stacks serves 22 different varieties of pancakes, as well as omelettes, salads, sandwiches and burgers, plus milkshakes, floats and coffee drinks.  Stacks replaces Junior’s Papaya, which closed in 2009. Continue reading NEW UPSCALE PANCAKE HOUSE OPENS IN HOBOKEN – DRAWS RECORD CROWDS

I Was Born In Hoboken- Fantastic Video with Former Mayor Steve Capiello

Here is a bit of Nostalgia for anyone who grew up in Hoboken, New Jersey or knows Hoboken as it is today.

Source You Tube- Thanks Roger Muller-Muller Insurance


 Higher Business Meal Tax Deductions Can Translate into More Jobs


HOBOKEN, NJ (December 2009) – Chris Onieal, owner of Onieal’s in Hoboken, NJ and a member of the New Jersey Restaurant Association (NJRA), is one of thousands of restaurant owners who say the limited tax deductibility of business meal expenses is eating into their profits.

            Onieal and others are driving a national movement to restore tax deductibility for business meals and entertainment to its former level. In 1986, Congress reduced the allowable tax deduction from 100 percent to 80 percent. Congress further reduced the deduction to 50 percent in 1993. Continue reading NEW JERSEY RESTAURANT ASSOCIATION AND LOCAL RESTAURATEURS RALLY BEHIND PROPOSED INCREASE IN BUSINESS MEAL TAX DEDUCTION

Cruise Ship -Not The Love Boat This Trip Out!

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Power Outage Causes Chaos On Cruise Ship

 A cruise ship that lost its power on Friday has finally made its way back to Miami after a power failure left cruisers stranded without running water and air-conditioning  in the Caribbean.

 It has been reported that some passengers became chaotic, pushing, fighting, shoving and screaming at each other when the tempetures in their cabins climbed to over 100 degrees and hundreds of people took to the deck to sleep for 2 nights

What would you have done if you were on the ship?

Cruisers become Chaotic source AOL TRAVEL