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What Would You Do For $5?

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River View Observer Best Pick“Inovative Money Making Idea”


Rapidly Growing Fiverr.com Offers Fun and Useful Marketplace To Sell Or Buy Variety Of Tasks/Services At An Incredibly Low Price

          Have you ever needed help creating a new logo or business card in a short amount of time, without wanting to spend hundreds of dollars and countless hours on the project? What about an inexpensive, last minute, unique gift, such as a love note written on a sandy beach? Or a watercolor painting of your favorite pet?

            Fiverr.com has something for anyone looking for a quick bargain. A rapidly growing marketplace where any individual can purchase and sell services, Fiverr.com boasts a unique business model that helps it stand out from the crowd: the $5 rule. Any service you can imagine sells for a quick, non-negotiable $5. Continue reading What Would You Do For $5?


Jersey City in Hudson County, New Jersey’s Second largest city which has become the jewel on Gold Coast.
Watch this wonderful video about our great city.
We are getting better every day.

What Is The World’s Riskiest Hotspot?

Hint: It’s Not Iraq or Afghanistan, But Rather,

A Celebrity Vacation Haven


While most Americans are focused on conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan, primarily because we have troops in active combat there, potentially significant threats to the U.S. are simmering elsewhere, from China to Russia, from India to Pakistan – and one of the world’s most secluded celebrity tourist destinations may prove to be the Cuba of the new millennium. Continue reading What Is The World’s Riskiest Hotspot?

TRAVEL- World’s Weirdest Hotels – Budget Travel

crazy_exteriorRiver View Observer’s “Site Seeing” Bringing you interesting posts from arount the internet

Budget Travel has put together an impressive list of Weird Hotels from around the world.

Pictured above Hang Nga Guest House and Art Gallery, a complex that more than earns its local nickname, the Crazy House. (Courtesy upyernoz/Flickr)

To view all of the photo’s World’s Weirdest Hotels, Part Deux

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