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What Would You Do For $5?

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River View Observer Best Pick“Inovative Money Making Idea”


Rapidly Growing Fiverr.com Offers Fun and Useful Marketplace To Sell Or Buy Variety Of Tasks/Services At An Incredibly Low Price

          Have you ever needed help creating a new logo or business card in a short amount of time, without wanting to spend hundreds of dollars and countless hours on the project? What about an inexpensive, last minute, unique gift, such as a love note written on a sandy beach? Or a watercolor painting of your favorite pet?

            Fiverr.com has something for anyone looking for a quick bargain. A rapidly growing marketplace where any individual can purchase and sell services, Fiverr.com boasts a unique business model that helps it stand out from the crowd: the $5 rule. Any service you can imagine sells for a quick, non-negotiable $5. Continue reading What Would You Do For $5?