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Cantigas Women’s Choir Brings Voices to Global Music and Harmony to Local Communty

by Sally Deering
Once a week, gathered inside the music room of an elementary school in Hoboken, women of varying ages and walks of life harmonize together as members of the Cantigas Women’s Choir. This all-girl community glee club performs the music of many nations and during the course of its 8-year history has become a “family of women” bringing harmony to its community both on and off the stage.

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What Is The World’s Riskiest Hotspot?

Hint: It’s Not Iraq or Afghanistan, But Rather,

A Celebrity Vacation Haven


While most Americans are focused on conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan, primarily because we have troops in active combat there, potentially significant threats to the U.S. are simmering elsewhere, from China to Russia, from India to Pakistan – and one of the world’s most secluded celebrity tourist destinations may prove to be the Cuba of the new millennium. Continue reading What Is The World’s Riskiest Hotspot?