What Would You Do For $5?

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Rapidly Growing Fiverr.com Offers Fun and Useful Marketplace To Sell Or Buy Variety Of Tasks/Services At An Incredibly Low Price

          Have you ever needed help creating a new logo or business card in a short amount of time, without wanting to spend hundreds of dollars and countless hours on the project? What about an inexpensive, last minute, unique gift, such as a love note written on a sandy beach? Or a watercolor painting of your favorite pet?

            Fiverr.com has something for anyone looking for a quick bargain. A rapidly growing marketplace where any individual can purchase and sell services, Fiverr.com boasts a unique business model that helps it stand out from the crowd: the $5 rule. Any service you can imagine sells for a quick, non-negotiable $5.

         Launched in February 2010, the web site offers more than 75,000 services ranging from marketing, technology and advertising support to fitness, nutrition and fashion advice, and everything else in between. Need your computer problem solved? No problem. How about ordering a professional voice-over for a radio commercial? Are you in the market for translation services? There are also countless gigs for the wild and wacky crowd, like hiring someone to pose as your boyfriend or girlfriend on Facebook for the week, or having your palm read or even your dream interpreted.

            “The idea is that everyone can be an entrepreneur,” says Micha Kaufman, CEO and co-founder of Fiverr.com. “We offer a very easy way for people to share their talents and skills to start making money. We’ve learned of some amazing stories of sellers building up a client base, sharing samples of their work and what they can do, sometimes even leading to new career opportunities. It’s pretty amazing.”

            According to Shai Wininger, co-founder of Fiverr.com, anonymity on Fiverr.com is key. And because all messages sent between buyers and sellers is through the Fiverr.com web site, a user’s true identity is never displayed. And while many other freelance service-based sites require hours of sifting through proposals and recommendations to find what you are really looking for, Fiverr.com streamlines the process and keeps it simple.

            “Another concept that helps make Fiverr.com so successful is the simple price point,” says Wininger. “If you take bargaining out of the equation, things become so much simpler between a seller and the buyer. Five dollars is a very convenient number….and buyers are realizing that, in the end, they are usually getting a lot more out of the service than what they paid.”

            Services listed on Fiverr.com are organized into specific categories, such as Business, Technology, Social Marketing, Gift Ideas, Graphics, Travel, Music/Audio and Silly Stuff.

            For more information, visit www.Fiverr.com.

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