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Did You Know That There Were Hudson County Residents on the Titanic?

Hudson Then . . . Again

by Maureen Wlodarczyk

Fifteen years ago, I was among the wave of millions who flocked to theaters to see James Cameron’s epic film, Titanic, an unqualified hit that brought the story of the 1912 tragedy back to life. April 15th marked 100 years since the tragic deaths of 1,500 passengers and crew who lost their lives in the dark, biting-cold waters of the Atlantic, and that anniversary has rekindled widespread interest in the story once again.

Part of the lure of this true story is its magnitude and scale:  an “unsinkable” ship on its maiden voyage, thousands of passengers, among them the rich and famous and those scraping by in steerage class hoping for a new start in America. No work of fiction launched from the creative recesses of a novelist’s mind or a screenwriter’s imagination could better convey the seeming randomness and unpredictability of life and death. Continue reading Did You Know That There Were Hudson County Residents on the Titanic?

Cruise Ship -Not The Love Boat This Trip Out!

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Power Outage Causes Chaos On Cruise Ship

 A cruise ship that lost its power on Friday has finally made its way back to Miami after a power failure left cruisers stranded without running water and air-conditioning  in the Caribbean.

 It has been reported that some passengers became chaotic, pushing, fighting, shoving and screaming at each other when the tempetures in their cabins climbed to over 100 degrees and hundreds of people took to the deck to sleep for 2 nights

What would you have done if you were on the ship?

Cruisers become Chaotic source AOL TRAVEL