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6th Annual Hamilton Park BBQ Festival Jersey City

Saturday, September 26, 2015 Noon to 8pm

BBQ in Jersey City Hamilton Park  The 6th Annual Hamilton Park BBQ Festival, presented by SILVERMAN  will be held on Saturday, September 26, 2015, noon to 8 pm, Hamilton Square, 232 Pavonia Avenue, on the east side of Hamilton Park. Continue reading 6th Annual Hamilton Park BBQ Festival Jersey City


red-and-tan-busYou know you are from Jersey City if you remember…
I received   this in an email today. My Jersey City friends may remember many of the places and things. Have fun, I did. 

Source: Truth Speaks- Icypeals Blogspot - Thanks Mimi

*Seeing the Three Stooges Live at the Stanley Theater
*Live Acappella Shows at the State Theater
* Hudson Boulevard had islands.
*Ferris High School
*Singing Doo-Wop under the tresstle on Monmouth Street
*Hanging out at Coletta’s Bar
* You knew how O’Hara’s got it’s name.
* You knew all the troublemakers before they became cops.
– Martin Luther King Drive was Jackson Avenue
– Christopher Columbus Drive was Railroad Avenue
– Luiz Munoz Marin Boulevard was Henderson Street
-Manila Avenue was Grove Street
– Roosevelt Lanes & Putney’s Pub
– Annual Holy Name Parade
– What Harvard on the Blvd. and St. Richards on the Hill are
– The color scheme of the bus lines:Â
… Brown: Central Avenue; Red: Montgomery/West Side, Green: Bergen/Lafayette, Orange: Bergen Avenue
– Getting Sunday suits at Robert HallÂ
– Bettingers on the Square
– Uncle Milties/Bergen Point
– The Skyline Cabana Club
– You shopped in Woolworth on JournalÂ
Square and went to the Griddle or Driftwood after a movie.
– The Hudson Mall was a strip mallÂ
– Instead of the Hudson Mall there
was: Two Guys from Harrison; Great Eastern, and Valley Fair
– Instead of the dollar stores there was Johns Bargain Stores
– You could actually swim in the Reservoir (on the sneak)
– The giant roach in the exterminators window on Westside Avenue
– Floor shows at the Canton Tea Garden Chinese Restaurant
– You’ve said “Youse” about 100 times in one day



Farmers Market -Hamilton Park, Jersey City

farmers market flyer:Layout 1 Will be held in the newly finished Pavoina Ave walking space (between McWilliams Place & Erie Street) right next to the temporary playground.
There will be a wide range of farmers including:
Stony Hill Farm
Upper Meadows Organic Farm
Hoboken Farms
Gulden Gourmet pickles/olives company
Lluvia Soaps

Begining: Wednesday June 3rd Every Wednesday from 4:00PM until 8:00PM
End Date: Wednesday, November 4th (or so depending on weather).
Anyone needing addition information can email the HPNA at http://[email protected]or look to their blog: http://hpnajc.blogspot.com/