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WHOSE SONG IS IT ANYWAY?Songwriter Lou Gomez’s BIM SALA BIM surfaces in new Robert DeNiro Flick

   Film a Big Surprise; Rights & Royalties a Bigger Mystery

Songwriter  Lou Gomez





 By Sally Deering  

Photo fo Lou Gomez in Hudson County

The story starts with two brothers and a couple of friends from Bayonne who wrote and recorded a song called Bim Sala Bim back in the 1970s. They took the title from “The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson” when Carson played fortune teller Carnac the Magnificent. He and Ed McMahon would say “Bim Sala Bim” as a greeting to each other.

Lou Gomez wrote the lyrics and his brother Richie Gomez wrote the melody and Ralph Cohen wrote the arrangements to Bim Sala Bim when they were in the 70s band “Hudson County”. The band eventually broke up, but the song lives on. Fast forward to 2016, Gomez finds out from a friend that Bim Sala Bim is on the soundtrack to the new Robert DeNiro movie, HANDS OF STONE.

Disco-Funk “The group became known for its funk sound,” Gomez says, from his home in Sayreville.  “We were signed to RCA records by Warren Schatz and asked to produce some material for a compilation album and a single release. Our single was “Heaven’s Here on Earth” and we were told it would be released at the same time Vickie Sue Robinson was to release Turn the Beat Around. At that time we also recorded Bim Sala Bim. Forty years later I get a call from a friend that Bim Sala Bim is a big underground hit in Europe especially Greece and Italy. It was later found out that the song was bootlegged by some unknown group called Fantastic Soul Inventions who just slapped their name on our recording.” Continue reading WHOSE SONG IS IT ANYWAY?Songwriter Lou Gomez’s BIM SALA BIM surfaces in new Robert DeNiro Flick

Tammy Blanchard Joins Cast of TALLULAH Dramedy

Actress Tammy Blanchard
Tammy Blanchard

Hudson County’s own Tammy Blanchard has been added to the cast of TALLULAH as reported by Variety Magazine.

Ms. Blanchard  recently appeared  in Disney’s INTO THE WOODS.

Rounding out the cast Ms. Blanchard joins, ‘X-Men’s Evan Jonigkeit  Ellen Page and Allison Janney, Zachary Quinto, Uzo Aduba, David Zayas and John Benjamin Hickey also star  in the upcoming dramedy .

TULLALAH  is the story of  “a free spirit who everybody thinks has kidnapped a baby after she rescues the child from her reckless mother.” The project is being lead by Sian Heder who also wrote the screenplay for TALLULAH.

Ms. Blanchard has appeared in several movies including: Moneyball, Deadline, The Good Shepherd, Rabbit Hole,  Blue  Jasmine  and the soon to be released Invitation

She has been nominated for two Tony Awards for her performances in  Gypsy (2003) and How to Succeed Without Really Trying in 2013

In 2001 she won an Emmy and was nominated for a Golden Globe Award for her portrayal as a young  Judy Garland in Life with Judy Garland – Me and My Shadows.

To find out more about Ms. Blanchard like her Facebook page at  Tammy Blanchard  Follow her on Twitter  Tammy Blanchard on Twitter



Tweed Suits and Golden Gloves-Former Boxing Champ Al Certo on Choosing the Right Weave

By Sally Deering

Al Certo in his Secaucus Tailor Shop
Al Certo in his Secaucus Tailor Shop with photo of himself and boxing legends


How many people can say Frank Sinatra’s mother brought them into the world? Born in Hoboken under the watchful eye of midwife Dolly Sinatra (she was a neighbor), Al Certo was raised in Hoboken where he dreamed of being a dancer but, instead, built two careers as a professional boxer and men’s tailor, Certo weaved back and forth between those two worlds until he eventually hung up his gloves and threw himself into herringbones and tweeds.

al certo and tailor Certo’s Custom Tailors has thrived in Secaucus for more than 50 years. Back in the day Certo’s shop was two floors with eight tailors handling the orders; today, the top floor is now a pizzeria and Harsh Khindri who has been with Certo for 15 years handles most of the work.

 “He’s one of the greatest tailors I ever met,” Certo says. “He has gold in his hands.”

Certo’s tailor shop is filled with sewing machines and along several walls are rows of hangers with yards of fabrics like cashmere, wools and cottons. Above the hangers is a line-up of photographs mostly of famous boxers who Certo knew from his years in the ring. Sometimes they came to Certo’s shop to talk boxing and sometimes they picked out a suit. That’s what boxing legend Muhammad Ali did. Continue reading Tweed Suits and Golden Gloves-Former Boxing Champ Al Certo on Choosing the Right Weave

Tammy Blanchard Co-stars in new Lifetime Movie-AMISH GRACE

tammy-b-headshot1Tammy Blanchard co-stars with Kimberly Williams-Paisley, & Matt Letscher in Amish Grace,  Lifetime Movie Network’s tele-movie which explores the aftermath of the 2006 schoolhouse shooting in a Pennsylvania Amish community. The movie has begun production December 2009 in Los Angeles.

Ms. Blanchard’s role is that of Marie Roberts; widow of Charles Carl Roberts the shooter of the Pennsylvania schoolhouse.

The Nickle Mine, Pennsylvania schoolhouse shootings received world wide  attention not only for the depth of the tragedy but because of the reaction of the Amish leaders’ who forgave the shooter and his widow wife.

Ms. Blanchards acting roles include: In 2009 co- starred in  “Rabbit Hole” about a  happy couple who’s life is turned upside down after their young son dies in an accident. Co-starring with Nicole Kidman as Ms. Kidman’s sister in David Lindsay-Abaire Pulitizer Prize winning play brought to the big screen. Also appearng in the film is Aaron Echhart, Diane Wiest and Giancarlo Esposito. A 2010 release of the film is in the works. Continue reading Tammy Blanchard Co-stars in new Lifetime Movie-AMISH GRACE

40 Years Later -Mario Puzo’s Godfather is Still Popular- Do You Know Why?

175px-godfather-novel-cover1The reasons for its enduring popularity aren’t easy to pin down. Of course, Francis Ford Coppola’s masterpieces, “The Godfather” and “The Godfather, Part II,” brought a swarm of new readers, but the book had already sold millions of copies before the first film was ­released in 1972.

Source: Allen Barra WSJ

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