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Provident Serves as Temporary Outpost for “Operation XO”

Branches to collect items for care packages for soldiers serving overseas

JERSEY CITY, NJ – As America prepares to observe Memorial Day and remember those who made the ultimate sacrifice in the service of our nation, The Provident Bank is partnering with Operation XO to send much-needed care packages to our troops serving in remote locations in Iraq and Afghanistan. From May 21 to June 8, each of Provident’s 80 plus branches will collect donations of toiletries, snacks and other in-demand items. Continue reading Provident Serves as Temporary Outpost for “Operation XO”

New Cash for Clunkers Program Targets Household Appliances

Early this year, the federal government will launch a cash for clunkers program that offers rebates for purchases of new efficient appliances. The success of the cash for clunkers  model with the automobile industry is now spreading to a new arena -appliances . In much the same way that the automobile program was designed to reward Americans for buying newer and more efficient vehicles in exchange for old gas guzzlers, the new program will provide small rebates to people who are replacing old appliances with new ones.

Continue reading New Cash for Clunkers Program Targets Household Appliances

Holiday Health Stress Tips

Christ Hospital in Jersey City Offers Holiday Stress Tips

  The holidays should be a time of joy, good cheer and high hopes for the upcoming new year. However, after the gift shopping, holiday decorating, and family get-togethers are done, many people are often left with elevated levels of stress or depression this time of the year.

The holidays are also a time when people feel the loss of a loved one more sharply. Even the memory of a traumatic event, such as a serious illness, can dampen one’s holiday spirits. Older adults, for example, may feel isolated or forgotten, as the season reminds them of happier times. Continue reading Holiday Health Stress Tips