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“Pianist Pamela Ross & Cellist Adrian Daurov Present “An April Fool’s Day Concert” at The Hudson School


By Evelyn Bonilla


On Sunday, April 1st at The Hudson School in Hoboken, N.J, pianist Pamela Ross and cellist Adrian Daurov take the stage to present, “An April Fool’s Day concert of “pop-sical” music and we’re not kidding!” Ross and Daurov will bring to life the works of Marvin Hamlisch and classical composers such as Bach, Beethoven, Brahms and Shostakovich. This concert is sure to be an exciting event with a mix of pop and classical music! Continue reading “Pianist Pamela Ross & Cellist Adrian Daurov Present “An April Fool’s Day Concert” at The Hudson School

New Jersey Actor “Joe Sernio” on the Road to Success

By Evelyn Bonilla

Joe Sernio
In the very beginning Sernio’s journey was far off the acting road, a graduate of Chubb Institute, twice to be exact, once with a computer networking degree and the other with a technical support degree he began his life in information technology. But it would be his love of acting and the passion in his heart to follow his dream that would push the young Sernio onto the acting lane. Now several independent films later and former roles on daytimes soap operas Sernio is now following his life’s true passion.

He has received acclaim for his acting and the films he has been a part of; have received a compilation of awards. In retrospect, if you were to watch some of the characters he portrays on film you could see that Sernio has hone his craft and has brought to the film screen an “intensity and dynamic” to his acting.

Sernio has starred in such independent films as “The Roadhouse” Repetition of Change”, “Mourning on Charlotte Street” and currently he has a role in a new film entitled, “A Dance with Andrea.” Sernio is truly dedicated to his films, but in his spare time he is devoted to helping others develop their acting skills as well. Presently he is working with well-known actor Vinny Pastore of Sopranos fame. Pastore has formed a theater company entitled, “The Buffalo Theater Group” which will work on developing new screenplays in addition to reviving iconic works by various playwrights. Continue reading New Jersey Actor “Joe Sernio” on the Road to Success

A Dog’s Best Friend- Hudson County Photographer JOE FRAZZ

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Joe Frazz

by Evelyn Bonilla
Standing amongst the rubble of an old abandoned lot, photographer Joe Frazz takes out his camera and clicks away at a dog that walks anxiously over the rubble looking for food. This particular moment that Frazz points and clicks with his camera, is a moment that some would probably take for granted, but for Frazz it’s a moment that may help. Continue reading A Dog’s Best Friend- Hudson County Photographer JOE FRAZZ

Sam Platizky in “Blaming George Romero”


blaming-george-romero-poster-photoYoung Hudson County NJ Actor Brings His Screenplay to LifeBy Evelyn Bonilla

Sam Platizky’s “Blaming George Romero” is igniting online excitement and curiosity. The introduction to a feature length film about zombies, written by Platizky; has zombie followers from Facebook and Twitter wanting to know more.

The film which is presently in production, is a story of what happens when four horror film fanatic friends, unhappy with their lives, think that there’s been a zombie apocalypse and jump at the chance to try to survive.



Continue reading Sam Platizky in “Blaming George Romero”

Introducing the One and Only “Johnny Martin”

Successful  Businesman and Former Hudson County Resident Follows His Passion for Music   by Evelyn Bonilla


Record producers will tell you that in order to make it in the music business you have to be equipped with; a good strong voice, loads of confidence and the ability to perform on the spot, and to have passion! The passion to give it all you’ve got and the drive not to stop until you get there!

Just ask Johnny Martin (aka John Marino) a singer whose drive and passion have propelled him to record his first CD, “Johnny Martin, I Will Always Love You.” Continue reading Introducing the One and Only “Johnny Martin”

Joe Jackson Visits Ten East as he Promotes Tribute Film “Destination Fame

River View Observer Exclusive…Joe Jackson Patriach of the Jackson Family Visits Bayonne’s Ten East Restaurant


Photo by steveamack.com

By Evelyn Bonilla

On the tail end of a New York City press event for his film “Destination Fame”, Joe Jackson found some time to meet with good friend Paul DeAngelo. The two join together to enjoy
some great cuisine at one of Bayonne’s most stylish restaurants “Ten East”. The restaurant owned by Patrick and Anthony Franconeri is a Hibachi Restaurant and Sake Lounge; it is located in Bayonne, and specializes in sushi, fusion and hibachi cuisine. Continue reading Joe Jackson Visits Ten East as he Promotes Tribute Film “Destination Fame