Introducing the One and Only “Johnny Martin”

Successful  Businesman and Former Hudson County Resident Follows His Passion for Music   by Evelyn Bonilla


Record producers will tell you that in order to make it in the music business you have to be equipped with; a good strong voice, loads of confidence and the ability to perform on the spot, and to have passion! The passion to give it all you’ve got and the drive not to stop until you get there!

Just ask Johnny Martin (aka John Marino) a singer whose drive and passion have propelled him to record his first CD, “Johnny Martin, I Will Always Love You.”

Growing up in Jersey City, N.J. Martin loved to sing; he was drawn to it and did it well. As a grammar school student at Holy Rosary in downtown Jersey City, Martin first realized that he had the ability to sing. Speaking to his parents he explained his desire to sing, soon after he began taking voice lessons to master his vocal technique, but after grammar school it soon came to a pause.

As a high school student at Ferris High School, he sung on street corners with small groups, always testing his vocals and enjoying his love for music, but never going beyond that.

In the year of 1974, Marino opened up his own business in hair restoration, and with true dedication to his business and raising his family, he took another pause from his music.

Although the passion to sing lived within him, he worked hard and dedicated all of his time into making his business a success.

The years would soon pass by, and Martin still continued to embrace his true feelings of singing deep within; so in the early 1990’s, he decided to finally take the next step into making his singing career a reality. With the support of his wife and family he picked up where he left off and committed himself to taking voice lessons. He worked hard at it for several years and perfected his voice, he refined his styled and decided that it was time to get serious.

Martin explains, “I started recording myself at home and playing it back and listening to myself. I started thinking if I want to get serious again, I better go back and take some lessons and that’s what I did.” As he continued with his lessons, Martin began to focus on his goal to make an album of songs that he loved.

In 2008, through friends of Martin’s he met a couple from N.J who had a studio, their names Sharman and Alfred Nittoli (the Nittoli’s are well-known for writing the song “Here’s to the Band” for Frank Sinatra.) Upon meeting the Nittoli’s, Martin realized that this was the direction he wanted to take in order to bring his album to fruition. Soon after their meeting Martin concentrated on his goal, he gathered together a talented ensemble of musicians, which consisted of Tommy Cavalucci (Drums), Frankie Cupo (Bass, Keyboards), Gill Chimes (Vibes, Harmonica) Sharman Nittoli (Piano, Keyboards, Background Vocals, Musical Director and Arranger) and Alfred Nittoli (Saxophone, Violin, Musical Director and Arranger). Together the entire team began recording and what transpired was not only Johnny Martin’s album, but a life-long dream of Martin’s that had finally become a reality. 

 His new CD is made up with a compilation of songs from the “great American songbook.” He explains, “I’ve always been a lover of the American songbook. As a matter of fact if you look at my high school yearbook, you’ll see that I was a big Sinatra fan.” Although at the time it was all about rock, I was always quoted as being a fan of his”.

The title of Martin’s new CD, “I Will Always Love You,” which is also the first cut on the CD and a wonderful song made famous by another crooner Dean Martin, is the perfect title and song to begin Johnny Martin’s tribute to the “great American song book”.

Johnny Martin shows real vocal mastery on each track of his CD, he demonstrates impeccable phrasing in each song and his love of this genre of music can be felt on each track. I especially loved “My Baby Just Cares for Me, “an up-tempo number with female background vocals that will have your foot tapping throughout the song.

Based on his first CD I believe Martin has a long singing career ahead of him. He does a wonderful rendition of “More”, and the “Way You Look Tonight.” Martin’s CD will always have a place as part of my own permanent record collection. I enjoyed the CD that much and you will  too!

Martin credits Sharman and Alfred Nittoli and his wonderful and talented musicians for their help and dedication to making this album. He also expresses heartfelt thanks and dedicates his CD to his wife Pat and his family, which he expresses, “Without their love and support, it wouldn’t have been possible.” His advice for up and coming singers is this, ” If you feel that you have a talent, pursue your talent and get professional help; pursue your dream and never give up. Never stop meeting people; by meeting people  that’s how you’ll network yourself and make connections. No one is ever going to promote you, you have to promote yourself.” Pursuing your dreams and never giving up is something this talented singer has truly accomplished; with a successful business, a completed CD and the realization of a dream, Martin is a true inspiration to us all.

If you’re interested in learning more about Johnny Martin or if you would like to listen to some of his songs, sign on to 

Also, if you’re interested in booking Martin for your next event you can email him at [email protected]

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