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George Pogatsia Releases Trailer for New Film-Family on Board

Directed by Hudson County actor/filmmaker George Pogatsia starring Eric Roberts, Tony Sirico, Mathew Cowles and George Pogatsia the short drama FAMILY ON BOARD tells the story of a family man and biker who receives a questionable prison sentence. On his way to report to jail, he reflects on his life and anticipates what lies ahead, that’s when catastrophe strikes.

Sam Platizky in “Blaming George Romero”


blaming-george-romero-poster-photoYoung Hudson County NJ Actor Brings His Screenplay to LifeBy Evelyn Bonilla

Sam Platizky’s “Blaming George Romero” is igniting online excitement and curiosity. The introduction to a feature length film about zombies, written by Platizky; has zombie followers from Facebook and Twitter wanting to know more.

The film which is presently in production, is a story of what happens when four horror film fanatic friends, unhappy with their lives, think that there’s been a zombie apocalypse and jump at the chance to try to survive.



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