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Copies for sale now at Garden State News, Bayonne 

Crows new book released by Author Grace Harney

Most people don’t know this about Bayonne resident Grace Harney when they tell her to play their lottery tickets every day at Garden State News—she’s a writer, and has been since she was a kid. 

And recently, Grace Harney released her debut novel, Crows.  A young adult paranormal mystery, Crows follows foul-mouthed teenage psychic Annie Murphy as she confronts her brother in the disappearance of his witch-girlfriend.  Set in the dead of winter in the fictional Pennsylvania town of Raven City, Annie learns the hard way that seeing isn’t always believing.

Self-published on March 17th of this year, the paperback version of Crows is now available for sale exclusively at Garden State News, which is located at 456 Broadway, Bayonne, across from W. 21st Street. 

If you’d like more information, please call Garden State News at (201) 339-1385.  Or visit www.graceharney.com

Grace Harney is a pen name.


2 Performance Artists Request & Receive Weeded Books from Library for Art Installation Honoring The Book

THE PAUSE THAT REFRESHES – Performance Artists Antonia Wright (L) and Ruben Millares (R) of Miami, Florida, recently came to the Jersey City Free Public Library in search of books for the latest incarnation of their art installation – a wall of books. With 14 boxes of weeded books to spare at the Main Library shown packed into their vehicle, Antonia and Ruben built a small wall, checking out a couple of titles. Notice Ruben is reading Ray Bradbury’s seminal work, Fahrenheit 451, a book after his own heart, for this wall is an homage to books!

JERSEY CITY, NJ   April 4, 2012 – Performance artists Ruben Millares and Antonia Wright recently came to the Main Library in Jersey City to abscond with 14 boxes of books that were weeded from the library branches’ collections. The use for the books can raise an educated eyebrow…

            They came in search of books for their art installation at the Fountain Art Fair, which was held in mid-March in New York City. From Miami, both artists have been doing this installation of books as a “homage to the book, a celebration” and a commentary on how reading in libraries has gone digital. Continue reading 2 Performance Artists Request & Receive Weeded Books from Library for Art Installation Honoring The Book

TALES OF OUR CITY: Jersey City becomes the Main Character at Upcoming Book Fair

By Sally Deering

Alina  Oswald's Infinite Lights
Alina Oswald's Infinite Lights

 Like a femme fatale in a “dime novel” Jersey City has had its share of bumpy roads, raw deals and men that done her wrong. But the past is the past and take a look at her now, bustling with new construction and waterfront with a skyline of skyscrapers that have given the old girl a much-needed facelift and a shot at the brass ring.  

At the 4th annual Book Fair hosted by Jersey City’s Free Public Library on Sat, Sept. 10th in Jersey City’s beautiful Van Vorst Park, twenty local and no-so-local writers will exhibit their newly published books – all with some connection to Jersey City.  Many of these writers have taken their experiences and/or fascination with Jersey City’s past and placed them on the pages of their new books, not just as a backdrop to the action, but as one of the characters that grabs your attention like a cold-blooded blonde with a pearl-handled Derringer. Continue reading TALES OF OUR CITY: Jersey City becomes the Main Character at Upcoming Book Fair

Reading- Benjamin Franklin’s comeback – founding father gives financial advice

Benjamin Franklin
Benjamin Franklin
What You Are Reading – River View Observer Book Pick
Way to Wealth -2010 Version of Benjamin Franklin’s 1758 Way to WealthToday’s recession economy has made most people pessimistic about their financial prospects. With daily offers of get-rich-quick schemes and big pay for little work, people don’t know what to believe. But Americans have always believed in the founding fathers, which is why Jack Vincent’s rewrite of Benjamin Franklin’s 1758 Way to Wealth (Helpful Info Publishing) is a relevant and welcomed addition to anyone’s collection. This timeless guide to financial prosperity has been rewritten and adapted for modern readers and today’s economy. In these uncertain times, readers can apply Benjamin Franklin’s wisdom to their lives and financially prosper.*

Way to Wealth Book

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Continue reading Reading- Benjamin Franklin’s comeback – founding father gives financial advice



When Walt Disney wrote to a Minnesota man on November 29, 1935, he never dreamed what that letter would be worth one day. Typed on his “Silly Symphony” letterhead, with a large Mickey Mouse in orange and black, it is today something of a holy grail walt-disney-silll-symphonyfor Disney collectors.

For six years, Disney’s “Silly Symphony” cartoons won Academy Awards and brought about the birth of among many other characters, Donald Duck. Signed with his cartoonists’ pen, Walt Disney’s letter, with its Mickey Mouse envelope, is estimated to sell in the Nov. 12th
Yonkers auction of Cohasco, Inc., for $3,500-$5,000. Continue reading RARE LETTER OF WALT DISNEY’S “SILLY SYMPHONY” DISCOVERED