2 Performance Artists Request & Receive Weeded Books from Library for Art Installation Honoring The Book

THE PAUSE THAT REFRESHES – Performance Artists Antonia Wright (L) and Ruben Millares (R) of Miami, Florida, recently came to the Jersey City Free Public Library in search of books for the latest incarnation of their art installation – a wall of books. With 14 boxes of weeded books to spare at the Main Library shown packed into their vehicle, Antonia and Ruben built a small wall, checking out a couple of titles. Notice Ruben is reading Ray Bradbury’s seminal work, Fahrenheit 451, a book after his own heart, for this wall is an homage to books!

JERSEY CITY, NJ   April 4, 2012 – Performance artists Ruben Millares and Antonia Wright recently came to the Main Library in Jersey City to abscond with 14 boxes of books that were weeded from the library branches’ collections. The use for the books can raise an educated eyebrow…

            They came in search of books for their art installation at the Fountain Art Fair, which was held in mid-March in New York City. From Miami, both artists have been doing this installation of books as a “homage to the book, a celebration” and a commentary on how reading in libraries has gone digital.

            The actual installation is a wall of books, which create a chance for people to view the titles, pick up the books – even walk away with a book – while demonstrating an appreciation of The Book.

            Once done, what do they do with the books? “We either use them for another performance,” said Antonia Wright. “Store, sell them, or re-create the installation, as they are cite-specific,” added Ruben Millares.

            The two links below illustrate the installation. The first is the artists’ statement, submitted on Antonia Wright’s website. The second is a video of the performance.



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