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Wall Street Journal Article “Tells It Like It Is” About Positive Reasons for Home Ownership


River View Observer’s  Best Pick -Recession Fighting Article

10 Reasons To Buy a Home

Enough with the doom and gloom

Home Ownership is a good thing explains writer Brett Arends

Go out anywhere to a restauarnt, kids little league game, cocktail party and we are all taking about the same things: Jobs, Economy, Recession, and the Housing Market.   If you aren’t working your certainly not thinking about buying a home. If you are secure in your job, and want to buy a home there is so much negative press out there telling you why you shouldn’t .

The Wall Street Journal article by Brett Arends says “Enough is Enough” because there are some good reasons to buy and own your own home.

1. You Can Get a Good Deal – This is a Buyers Market

2. Mortgages Are Cheap  -  30 Year loan for around  4.3%.

Read the full ten reasons: HERE  

Source: Newser, Source: Wall Street Journal

More on Home Ownership in New Jersey

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Mayor Healy & State Officials Announce Success of ‘Live Where You Work’ Program in Jersey City

Over $1M in Mortgage Loans Secured for Jersey City Residents

cover-photo-2-april-rvo-09Mayor Jerramiah T. Healy, along with the New Jersey Housing & Mortgage Finance Agency Executive Director Marge Della Vecchia announce that the City’s participation in the state’s Live Where You Work program has resulted in over $1,000,000 in mortgage loans secured for those wishing to own homes in Jersey City.

New Jersey’s Live Where You Work program is a special home mortgage incentive program that provides a low-interest 30 or 40-year fixed-rate first mortgage for people who will live and work in Jersey City. The program also provides Smart Start down payment assistance in an amount equal to 5 percent of the first mortgage loan for qualified purchasers. Continue reading Mayor Healy & State Officials Announce Success of ‘Live Where You Work’ Program in Jersey City