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Wall Street Journal Article “Tells It Like It Is” About Positive Reasons for Home Ownership


River View Observer’s  Best Pick -Recession Fighting Article

10 Reasons To Buy a Home

Enough with the doom and gloom

Home Ownership is a good thing explains writer Brett Arends

Go out anywhere to a restauarnt, kids little league game, cocktail party and we are all taking about the same things: Jobs, Economy, Recession, and the Housing Market.   If you aren’t working your certainly not thinking about buying a home. If you are secure in your job, and want to buy a home there is so much negative press out there telling you why you shouldn’t .

The Wall Street Journal article by Brett Arends says “Enough is Enough” because there are some good reasons to buy and own your own home.

1. You Can Get a Good Deal – This is a Buyers Market

2. Mortgages Are Cheap  -  30 Year loan for around  4.3%.

Read the full ten reasons: HERE  

Source: Newser, Source: Wall Street Journal

More on Home Ownership in New Jersey

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What’s a Snooki, and How Long Will We Want to Endure This ?

By  Joe Calamito                                                                  



Come on now somebody had to ask the question.  Here’s another one- “Aren’t we all getting a little tired of hearing about the negative press  this show generates and these New Jersey and Staten Island shore kids  involved in the show.”  I know I am. I would like to say something to the cast of Jersey Shore… Kids, I use to hang out down Seaside Heights in the 60s,and early 70s some of my DNA is probably still hanging around,  thousands of metro area youth for decades have done the same thing for countless summers- head down the shore: drink, sit on the beach, party, get in fights, meet girls, meet guys, get in arguments, hang out in clubs, drink, drink, drink etc. 

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