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Puerto Rican Day Parade in Jersey City Marks 50th Anniversary

pr-parade-11As they have been doing for the past 50 years,the  crowds came to see a parade rain or shine on Sunday August 22nd as thousands of spectators waited patiently for the 50 Annual Jersey City Puerto Rican Day parade to get underway. Just after 1 pm it began at Lincoln Park and Kennedy Boulevard  and it ran for over 2 hours long as it made its way along Montgomery street to its final destination -City Hall on Grove Street in Downtown Jersey City. While the rain came down hard at times the spectators and parade marches waved Puerto Rican flags pr-parade-15and yelled back and forth to each other “Puerto Rico” “Puerto Rico.” 

Our River View Observer photographer Newsboi was there to capture the days event.

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Incumbent Bayonne NJ Mayor Mark Smith Wins Full Four Year Term as Mayor of Bayonne

smith-address-crowed-election-night-2010 A jubilant Mayor Mark Smith thanks his supporters at Bayonne’s Chandelier Restaurant after winning the May 11th election for Mayor. Smith beat out New Jersey State Assemblyman and former Bayonne Councilman Anthony Chiappone and former Bayonne Policeman  Leonard Kantor to serve as Mayor for the next four years.

7,402 votes were tallied for the Smith column over Chiappone’s 2, 503 vote count -roughly  66% for Smith, 22% for Chiappone  and 1, 239 votes 11% were counted forLenoard Kantor.smith-election-night-steve-photo

(Photo Steve A. Mack. com )  

Smith originally won the Mayor ship 17 months ago to fulfill the remaining term of former Mayor Joe Doria who at that time left his position as Mayor to work in the administration of then Governor Jon Corzine as Commissioner  of the Department of Community Affairs.

Smith’s “Moving Bayonne Forward” campaign resonated with Bayonne voters especially in the areas of holding down property taxes, reducing city government through attrition which was a promise he made and kept and his campaign promise in the coming four years to preserve Bayonne’s small town charm.

The Mayor said in his closing remarks at his celebration party “Tonight we party and celebrate, tomorrow we get down to work in creating the dream to move  Bayonne forward”

Three  of Mayor Smith running mates Council at Large candidate and current Councilman Terry Ruane won re-election as did Debra Czerwienski and first time council candidate Joe Hurley won in the second ward, and Mayor Mark Smiths’ other two council picks Ray Greeves of the third ward will be in a run- off against current Councilman Gary La Pelusa and Agnes Gillespie will be in a run -off  with independent Candidate Thomas Cotter for the First ward.