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COVER STORY-Leading The Kennedy Dancers

Diane Dragone (still) has the Dancer in Her Soul


by Sally Deering 

 In the 1920s, when Shirley Temple tapped into America’s hearts with her bouncing ringlets, ruffled crinolines and shiny black tap shoes, mothers from Canarsie to Kenosha trundled their daughters off to their local dance school dreaming of their baby girl’s name in lights. Nowadays, child stars go by first names like Britney, but the local dance school still thrives as the only training ground for kids who dream of a dancing career.

 One local dance pioneer who has kept the stage lights burning in her neighborhood dance studio for the past 34 years is Diane Dragone, Artistic Director of The Kennedy Dancers, a professional dance company and dance school that stands in the wings of New York City.  Through her school and with her years as a teacher and choreographer, Dragone has trained and enriched the lives of thousands of inner-city kids – some who became professional dancers — and she has brought modern and classical dance performances to the multi-cultural and economically-diverse Hudson community. Continue reading COVER STORY-Leading The Kennedy Dancers

Put on Your Dancing Shoes and Let’s Dance!

aug-cover-photo-1-rvo-092Channeling Your Inner Fred and Ginger!
By Sally Deering

Press your nose against the glass of that storefront next to the dry cleaners or peer into that dimly-lit loft above the take-out joint and you’re likely to see everyday people from all walks of life gliding, dipping, shimmying and swiveling in their search for their inner Fred and Ginger.
America’s got dance fever, so put on your Blue Suedes, dust off the record player and let’s dance!
Ever since “Dancing with the Stars,”“So You Think You Can Dance,” and “America’s Got Talent!,” hit the airwaves, couch-potatoes everywhere, who wouldn’t know a Meringue from a Lemon Meringue are kicking off their fuzzy slippers and Mamboing around the coffee table.
And right here in Hudson, we’re doing it, too. Continue reading Put on Your Dancing Shoes and Let’s Dance!