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Renovations Are Progressing at the Bayonne Public Library

Melody Scagnelli-Townley, Interim Director of the Bayonne Public Library, has issued an update concerning the multiple renovations that have been taking place this year in the library building at 31st Street and Avenue C. 

The library’s old boiler system has been dismantled and removed.  Scagnelli-Townley reported that the new boiler “is halfway through installation.”  The mechanicals and the cab have been removed from the library’s public elevator. Scagnelli-Townley reported that “the new elevator cab will be installed soon.”

The library’s main lobby (Circulation) and the dais, where new books were displayed, “were taken down to the studs,” Scagnelli-Townley said.  A new handicap-accessible ramp has been built to the dais. To accommodate the new ramp, the entrance from Circulation to the Popular Fiction Room was relocated.  The Circulation area has been moved to the center of the lobby.   A brand-new Circulation Desk, which incorporates a circulation desk from the 1950’s, is being custom-built.  Scagnelli-Townley stated, “Brand new tile flooring for the whole lobby is coming soon.” 

The Interim Director reported that the library’s Children’s Room “was taken down to the studs.”  She added, “Now, new lighting and a new ceiling have been installed.  A brand-new Story Time area with stadium seating and special lighting is starting to take shape.”

Workers have drilled holes through the floor of the Reference Room in preparation for “new, wired charging study tables and new computer carrels.”  Scagnelli-Townley said that the library staff is still waiting for “the arrival of brand-new, ADA-compliant furniture for the lobby, the Reference Room, and the Children’s Room.”  (ADA refers to the Americans with Disabilities Act, a federal law that provides for facilities that are compatible with the needs of handicapped people.)

Scagnelli-Townley commented, “So many exciting things are happening! Naturally, such big changes take time.  We are currently anticipating that we will be open to the public at our 31st Street building by the end of November.”  She continued, “To be sure, re-opening the library will depend on making steady progress for the next two months.  We will not announce a specific date for re-opening the library until we are certain that the time is right.”

She continued, “Until such time, we will continue to be available for you at our temporary Story Court branch (16 West 4th Street), where you can access many of the same features you love at our 31st Street building: computers, printing, copying, study space, device charging, and book-borrowing and returns.”

Scagnelli-Townley concluded, “Great things are coming!”


The Bayonne Public Library and the Bayonne Historical Society are co-sponsoring an exhibit called “Lost Landmarks of Bayonne” in the O’Connor Gallery of the Bayonne Public Library.  The public is invited to attend an opening ceremony, which will be held on Tuesday evening, April 12, at 7:00 p.m., in the gallery on the second floor of the library.

The exhibit will consist of approximately forty paintings by Bayonne artist Andrew A. Walsh (1873-1940) and ten poems by his late sister Mary A. Walsh.  Bayonne shop owner Kathleen Hurley, another member of the same family, has kindly consented to perform the poems at the opening.

Members of the Bayonne Historical Society will act as tour guides, virtually taking people on a tour of 19th Century landmarks of the little villages that combined to form Bayonne: Bergen Point, Constable Hook, Centerville, and Salterville or Pamrapo. 

The landmark paintings and the poems were donated to the Bayonne Public Library by Mary Walsh in 1949.  The art includes pen-and-ink, charcoals, water colors, gouache, and oil paintings.  Due to the number of pieces, the paintings have seldom been exhibited all together, so this is a rare occasion to view and compare all of them.

The family of the late Marge Wilk, a Historical Society officer and community activist, will also attend the program to make an art donation to the library in honor of their matriarch.

The Landmarks exhibit will be available through the end of April to allow the scheduling of daytime group visits for anyone from school children to senior citizens.  Please contact Lee at 201-436-5978 for the dates and hours when the free guided tours will be available for the public after the opening ceremony.

The library is located at 31st Street and Avenue C.

Bayonne Library Presents Summit on Autism With Dr. Kerry Magro on Friday, April 16

On Friday, April 16, from 11:00 a.m. to 4:15 p.m., the Bayonne Public Library will present an autism summit with Dr. Kerry Magro, a best-selling author, public speaker, and autism self-advocate.  The program will include several panel discussions available online via Zoom.  There will be presentations for educators, therapists, and parents.  Discussion topics will include such items as helping people with autism across the lifespan; neurodiversity; preventing bullying; building connections; self-advocacy and advocacy for society. 

World Autism Month Breakthrough Summit with Dr. Kerry Magro

The registration link: https://www.bayonnelibrary.org/summit2021  The Facebook event: https://www.facebook.com/events/355448472462792/ 

Quote from speaker: “As we celebrate April’s World Autism Month, I applaud Bayonne Public Library for offering this event for our community. As someone who used to be nonverbal and today has their doctorate and is a professional speaker, I’m excited about the opportunity to educate to help break down barriers.”

Bridge Art Gallery Presents Diwali Art Exhibit Bayonne Library

Bridge Art Gallery  and the Bayonne Library under the supervision of its new Librarian JP Poccaro hosted the opening of Diwali Art Exhibition 2018.

The 2018 Diwali Art Exhibit will showcase a exclusive collection of artwork from various artists.

Diwali Art Exhibit 2018
Artists who’s works are being exhibited at the Diwali Art Exhibit
Bithika Adhikary, Alpana Mittal “Tejarwini” Susan Issac,Nupur Nishith
and not shown Mitali Jain

About Diwali- A Hindu festival of lights, held in the period October to November. It is particularly associated with Lakshmi, the goddess of prosperity, and marks the beginning of the fiscal year in India.

Diwali Art Exhibit 2018

Diwali Art Exhibit 2018

Diwali Art Exhibit 2018
Bayonne Librarian JP Poccaro and Bayonne Chamber President Jack Kennedy at Diwali Art Exhibit

Diwali Art Exhibit 2018
Cheryl and Christopher Mack from Bridge Art Gallery in Bayonne

If You Go 

Bayonne Library  697 Ave. C Bayonne 07002

Magic Show at Bayonne Library on June 26 to Promote Summer Reading Club

            Mayor Jimmy Davis announced that magician Mark Zacharia will perform “reMARKable,” a family magic show, at the Bayonne Public Library, in the second floor gallery, on Tuesday, June 26, at 11:00 a.m.  The magician will get the audience to ask how much of what happens to us is fate and how much is free will.  You will be amazed and amused.

            After the magic program, please come into the Children’s Room and sign up for the Summer Reading Club.  The club is open to children from grades Pre-K to 7.  Set a reading goal and get prizes as you read.  The library will also have crafts every Wednesday for children who are in the Summer Reading Club. 

            This program and the Summer Reading Club are open to children who are residents of Bayonne. 

Mark Zacharia presents magic shows at libraries, corporate meetings, and other special events throughout the metropolitan area.  He has also done a show at the New York State Senate in Albany. Mr. Zacharia has been entertaining audiences for more than twenty years, and has taught other performers at magic conventions.

          The library is located at 697 Avenue C, at the corner of 31st Street.    





Frick Collection Museum Passes Available Bayonne Residents

Frick Collection Museum
Murillo: The Self-Portraits November 1, 2017 to February 4, 2018

               Mayor Jimmy Davis and Library Director Sneh Bains announced that the Bayonne Public Library has purchased four passes for free admission to the Frick Collection, located at 1 East 70th Street in Manhattan.  The Frick Collection is an internationally recognized art museum known for its distinguished Old Master paintings, such as those by Rembrandt, Bellini, Vermeer, and Goya, as well as outstanding examples of European sculpture and decorative arts.

               Library patrons may borrow the passes for a period of two nights.  You must be a current Bayonne resident with a Bayonne Public Library card in good standing to borrow the passes.  Access to the passes will be on a first-come first-served basis, and is subject to availability. 

For more information about the passes, please call the Library’s Reference Department at 201-858-6980.  For more information about the Frick Collection, including museum hours, please visit www.frick.org, or call 212-288-0070.  Please note that children under 10 are not admitted to the museum.

Community information for the City of Bayonne

Community information for the city of bayonne

The following is community information for the City of Bayonne

Bayonne Parking Meters, Pay Stations, and Street-Sweeping Back on March 27

                Mayor Jimmy Davis announced that Bayonne’s parking meters, pay stations, street-sweeping, and alternate side parking will be back in effect on Monday, March 27.  Permit zone parking will also be enforced.  These various parking practices had been suspended during the recent winter snowstorm.  With the melting of the snow expected to continue, all of the usual parking practices and enforcement will be back in effect on March 27.


Several Bayonne Events Announced for National Library Week

                The Bayonne Free Public Library and Cultural Center of Bayonne will be celebrating National Library Week, April 9-15.  The theme is “Libraries Transform.”  National Library Week was first sponsored by the American Library Association (ALA) in 1958.

                The Bayonne Free Public Library and Cultural Center will be hosting the following events, and would like the community to come out and support it.  Please note that some events require prior registration. 

                Monday, April 10: The Children’s Room will be holding two separate events.  The first event will be for children in grades one to three from 5:30 p.m. to 6:30 p.m.  This group will have a spy stealth challenge.  Children can dress up in costumes of their favorite character.  The second event will be for children in grades four to seven from 7:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. This second group will participate in a treasure hunt.

                The library will hold registration for the events of April 10 during the week of March 27 in the Children’s Room as follows:  Monday, March 27, from 9:00 a.m. to11:30 a.m., 12:00 noon to 4:30 p.m., and 5:00 p.m. to 8:30 p.m.; Tuesday, March 28, through Saturday, April 1, from 9:00 a.m. to 11:30 a.m., and 12:00 noon through 4:30 p.m.  The library will register twenty children for each group on a first-come, first–served basis.  Prizes will be awarded to the first three children in each group who complete the challenge. 

                Tuesday, April 11:  This day is National Library Workers’ Day.  Come in and meet the staff as they can offer many suggestions on interesting books to read and help you learn the many benefits of what your local library can offer you.  The staff will be doing a showcase display on special collections that have meaning to them.  It will be located on the second floor. 

                Wednesday, April 12: The library will be hosting its first murder mystery event.  If you enjoy the game Clue, come out to see who was murdered, where they were murdered, and by what weapon.  Registration will be held the week of March 27 for the first twenty detectives who are brave enough.

                Hours of registration for the murder mystery are Monday, March 27, through Thursday, March 30, from 9:30 a.m. to 8:30 p.m. and Friday, March 31, and Saturday, April 1, from 9:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., at the circulation desk. 

                Thursday, April 13: Take a break and breathe in!  It’s time for Introduction to Meditation.  This group meets every Thursday from 7:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. in the O’Connor Gallery on the second floor of the library.  Today only they will host a fifteen-to-thirty minute presentation on a healthy way of living and eating. 

                Friday, April 14, and Saturday, April 15:  Please help the library staff support the Hudson County Animal League for two days.  Bring in an item for your overdue books from the following list.

                Items needed are: Friskies Canned Cat Food, Purina Complete Dry Cat Food, Purina Dry Kitten Food, Fancy Feast Kitten Turkey, Wee-Wee Pads, paper towels, Latex-free medical gloves, new or gently used clean sheets, large towels and pillow cases.   Since this is such an important organization and cause in Bayonne, the library will continue collecting donated items during the whole month of April.  Please refer to the list of items above. 

The library will be raffling off sets of books for all ages in the month of April, so join the library in filling out your raffle tickets.  Good luck!  All winners will be announced by phone on May 1.  Please check out the library’s many book display located on the main floor.

                All National Library Week details will be on the library’s website, bayonnelibrary.org, and the Bayonne Free Public Library Facebook page.




Bayonne Library Switching to Free, Open-Source Software

Recycling and Garbage collection bayonneMayor Jimmy Davis announced that the Bayonne Public Library is switching to open-source software, effective March 1.  Open-source software is free. The server will be hosted free of charge by Jersey Connect, which is provided by the New Jersey State Library.  Hardware maintenance and back-ups will also be the responsibility of the State Library. Mayor Davis said, “This is a major step forward for the library.  I would like to thank Library Director Sneh Bains for preparing the library for the technology of the future.”

                The new software license means the Bayonne Public Library and other participating institutional users will have the freedom to run, copy, distribute, study, change, and improve the software.

                ByWater Solutions has facilitated the library’s migration to the Integrated Library System, which is called “Koha.” That word means “gift” in Maori, the native language of New Zealand.  Koha is used by libraries around the world. After five years, the library will not be paying any license fee to any company.  Up till now, the library has been paying thousands of dollars each year in license fees. In the future, the library will own its data, and data will also be shared with other participating libraries. 

Financial aid from the State of New Jersey has been covering the $15,000 cost of migrating the library’s data.   


Bayonne Library to Hold Registration for Various Programs in the Children’s Room

CITY OF BAYONNE SEALMayor Mark A. Smith announced that the Bayonne Public Library will have registration for Parent/Toddler Time and Preschool Story Hour.  Registration for these programs will take place starting Monday, September 23, at 9:30 a.m., through Friday, September 27, or until these programs are filled, whichever comes first.  The library will start registration each day at 9:30 a.m.  All programs take place in the Children’s Room in the public library at 31st Street and Avenue C.  The Fall Session for these programs will begin on Tuesday, October 8, 2013.

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