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Magic Show at Bayonne Library on June 26 to Promote Summer Reading Club

            Mayor Jimmy Davis announced that magician Mark Zacharia will perform “reMARKable,” a family magic show, at the Bayonne Public Library, in the second floor gallery, on Tuesday, June 26, at 11:00 a.m.  The magician will get the audience to ask how much of what happens to us is fate and how much is free will.  You will be amazed and amused.

            After the magic program, please come into the Children’s Room and sign up for the Summer Reading Club.  The club is open to children from grades Pre-K to 7.  Set a reading goal and get prizes as you read.  The library will also have crafts every Wednesday for children who are in the Summer Reading Club. 

            This program and the Summer Reading Club are open to children who are residents of Bayonne. 

Mark Zacharia presents magic shows at libraries, corporate meetings, and other special events throughout the metropolitan area.  He has also done a show at the New York State Senate in Albany. Mr. Zacharia has been entertaining audiences for more than twenty years, and has taught other performers at magic conventions.

          The library is located at 697 Avenue C, at the corner of 31st Street.