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Bayonne Mayor James Davis-Mayors Column

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

          On Monday, January 15th, we observed the annual Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. national holiday.  This day should remind us about his life’s mission – equality for all Americans. By backing the Civil Rights Act of 1964, Dr. King fought for equal rights for all Americans, regardless of race, color, creed, sex, or national origin. 

Martin Luther King, Jr. is not simply a figure from the past. Fifty-six years after his death, Dr. King’s words and actions remain relevant to the issues that we face today.  Recent acts of violence that were rooted in religious and racial hatred reminded us all that Dr. King’s work remains to be fulfilled.  Across the country over the years, Americans have been killed, just because they were Black, White, Hispanic, Jewish, Asian, Native American, gay, or members of other groups. The hatred and the violence must stop. 

Free Four-Hour Parking for Non-Commercial Vehicles in Bayonne

Parking Utility Lots, December 1 Through January 1

          Mayor Jimmy Davis announced that the Bayonne Parking Utility lots will offer free four-hour parking for non-commercial vehicles in its parking lots from Friday, December 1, 2023, through Monday, January 1, 2024. 

  Regular parking charges in the lots will resume for non-commercial vehicles on Tuesday, January 2, 2024. Mayor Davis said, “The goal of the four-hour free parking program in the lots is to encourage people to shop and dine in Bayonne during the holiday season.” 

Mayor Davis thanked the Bayonne Parking Utility for supporting the four-hour free parking policy again this year.  He said, “The Parking Utility deserves our gratitude for offering free four-hour parking to non-commercial vehicles in the lots during the 2023 holiday season.”

The four-hour program does not apply to commercial vehicles or to on-street parking meters. All commercial and non-commercial drivers must continue feeding the meters on the streets.   The paid permit program for commercial vehicles that park overnight in the lots will remain in effect.

On certain dates in the holiday season that will be announced, parking charges will not be enforced for the entire day.  Otherwise, the free parking will be limited to four hours. In some previous years, there was free parking around the clock for a month.  However, the program was abused by certain commuters who left their vehicles in free spaces all day, in order to avoid paying for spaces at Light Rail stations.  That is why the holiday season parking program was modified to allow four hours of free parking at a time in the lots for a given non-commercial vehicle.

Murphy Administration Awards Bayonne $133,677 State Recycling Grant

City of Bayonne Logo

            The Murphy Administration is awarding nearly $16.2 million in grants to communities across the state to help them enhance waste reduction and recycling programs, the same amount as the previous year’s total, Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) Commissioner Shawn M. LaTourette announced. The DEP is awarding Bayonne a recycling grant of $133,677, up from $115,257 in 2022.  Mayor Jimmy Davis said, “I would like to thank the residents and businesses in Bayonne for taking part in our recycling programs.  Their support for recycling helped generate this grant.”  Mayor Davis continued, “I would also like to thank Public Works Director Tom Cotter and Recycling Coordinator Mike Tassone for providing successful leadership of our recycling programs.  Their steady efforts have led to this 2023 state grant that will help maintain Bayonne’s recycling and waste collection efforts.”

            The Bayonne Department of Public Works will use the state grant to support its waste management and recycling programs.   The specific uses of the grant will be announced at a later date.

            The annual awards are based on 2020 recycling performance, the most recent year for which data is available.  Municipalities must use their funds for various recycling initiatives.  These may include sponsoring household hazardous waste collection events, providing recycling receptacles in public places, or maintaining leaf composting operations.

            Commissioner LaTourette said, “New Jersey has long set a national example for recycling, starting with being the first state to enact a recycling law in 1987.”  He continued, “This annual grant program provides incentive for communities to strengthen their municipal recycling initiatives, encourage children and adults to keep our environment clean, and provide assistance in helping to reduce the local tax burden while also improving quality of life.” The grants are awarded through the state’s Recycling Enhancement Act and are funded through a $3 per-ton surcharge on trash disposed statewide at solid waste facilities.  As required under the Recycling Enhancement Act, the DEP returns 60% of that money to municipalities based on how much recycling each community reports accomplishing during the calendar year.  The remaining funds are divided, with 30% going to counties, 5% to colleges and universities, and 5% for administrative costs.

            According to the DEP, “For calendar year 2020, New Jersey generated 20,997,099 tons of solid waste, which represents disposal (9,474,871 tons) and recycling (11,522,228 tons) reported by municipalities and, in limited instances, counties.”  The DEP continued, “The overall tonnage of materials reported as recycled and as disposed both decreased slightly in 2020 from 2019, leading to a slight decrease in the overall recycling rate, to 55% in 2020 from 56% in 2019. Solid waste includes municipal waste plus construction debris and other types of non-municipal waste.”

Ribbon Cutting for KPS-Kids Piano Studio in Bayonne

Sandy Elnakady(center) founder of Kids Piano Studio in Bayonne with family memebers cuts the ribbon for the Grand Opening with Bayonne Mayor Jimmy Davis and Bayonne Councilman at Large Loyad Booker,3rd Councilman Gary LaPelusa,cCouncilman at Large Juan M. Perez and 1st Ward Councilman Neil Carroll

There is always room for music in a child’s life and Sandy Elnakady founder of Kids Piano Studio is filling that need with the opening of her new music studio at 480 Avenue C, in Bayonne.

Ms. Elnakady, created the school which features Music Courses for children ages 3 and up which teaches Music Theory, the Piano Keyboard and ear training workshops,where children can learn by reading notes or learning by ear.

“I learned to play the piano by ear Ms. Elnakady told me, as her shop filled up with well wishers for her Grand Opening.

“We are more than a music studio,” she noted, we feature Playdates Mini & Me and Drop Off; we feature spending some mini and me time singing, dancing, learning new instruments an connecting through music.

The studio also features a play area for toddlers.

Kids Piano Studio also offers Musical Play Gym, the studio is equipped with different types of musical instruments and piano keyboards. “Kids get to enjoy a creative, fun, free-play experience.

To register a child call1-201-654-2412

Email Sandy Elnakady founder at [email protected]



Mayor Jimmy Davis announced that the Bayonne Food Truck Festival that was originally scheduled for Saturday, May 7, has been moved to Saturday, May 14, due to the rainy weather that has been predicted for May 7.

          The hours and location of the food truck festival will remain the same: from 12:00 noon to 7:00 p.m. on Avenue E in Bayonne, between 22nd Street and 24th Street.  Only the date has been changed to Saturday, May 14.  Please adjust your calendars.


Mayor James Davis and Chief of Police Robert Geisler, in conjunction with Pam O’Donnell of the Catch You Later Foundation, announce the next phase of the City of Bayonne Traffic Enforcement Initiative. 

The effects Omicron are now fully in our rearview mirror and the time to Spring Forward on our clocks (Sunday 13 March) is straight ahead. As the weather warms, the Bayonne Police Department, led by the Traffic Enforcement Unit, is stepping up our enforcement campaign. While we continue to actively enforce aggressive and distracted driving, those quality-of-life issues such as double parking, bus stop violations, crosswalk violations, and all illegal parking will be receiving greater attention.

Celebrating the 30th Anniversary of the Bayonne Historical Society

Saturday, October 23, 2021,

12-4 pm at the Chandelier Restaurant

Honoring: Father John “Padre” Fencik, Joseph L. Makowski and Daniel Ward

1081 Broadway, Bayonne, New Jersey 07002

     Honoring: the late Edith Rebecca Ferrell, Woman of Achievement

Honoring: Father John “Padre” Fencik, Joseph L. Makowski and Daniel Ward

Men of Achievement


Men of Achievement

“An icon and a friend,” were the words used by Mayor Jimmy Davis to describe longtime Bayonne resident Edith Ferrell. Edith, passed away on February 8, 2020, just four days after her 70th birthday. “Edith was a fixture in our community, as she dedicated her life to the betterment of our city. Edith lived to serve, and she did that very well.”

Bayonne Kayak Event and Family Fun Set for September 26

Last years Bayonne Kayak event -River View Observer photo

Mayor Jimmy Davis and the Bayonne City Council announced that they will present the third annual Paddle the Peninsula, a kayak event, from 11:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m., at DiDomenico-16th Street Park, on Saturday, September 26, 2020.  Mayor Davis said, “Paddle the Peninsula will be a great experience for all participants.  We look forward to this fun event, which will enable our residents to enjoy recreation in Newark Bay.  Come and have a great time on the water with your family, friends, and neighbors.”  For safety reasons, kayakers must be at least 18 years of age.

For more novice participants, kayaks will enter Newark Bay from the boat launch at the foot of DiDomenico-16th Street Park. This year, more experienced kayakers will enter the water at Rutkowski Park and will paddle down to 16th Street.  Rutkowski Park is located in the northwestern corner of Bayonne, just north of Stephen R. Gregg-Bayonne County Park. All participants should still call to register and to obtain further details. Participants may either bring their own kayaks or sign up to use ones provided at the event.    The barbecue and other on-shore activities that were part of last year’s event will not take place this year, due to the Coronavirus. The boat launch is located on Newark Bay, west of Avenue A, and below the end of West 16th Street.

            Registration for the event is required, so that the right number of kayaks and other supplies can be ordered. To register, please call Jackie in the Bayonne Public Works Department at 201-858-6131.

            Mayor Davis concluded, “Paddle the Peninsula is just one of the many great activities that the City of Bayonne has to offer.  We hope you will register and join us on Saturday, September 26.”


Mayor Jimmy Davis has announced that the Mayor G. Thomas DiDomenico Municipal Pool is open now for the summer season through Labor Day, Monday, September 7, as weather and public health may permit.  The pool is located on West 16th Street, west of Avenue A, on the upper level of DiDomenico-16th Street Park.

The Recreation Division will follow the New Jersey Coronavirus (COVID-19) Outdoor Pool Standards.

Hours of Operation:

  • The pool will be closed to the public on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, from 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m., to allow City Day Camps access.
  • The pool will open at 1:00.p.m. on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays and close at 6:00pm.
  • The pool will open 10:30 a.m. to 6:00 p.m., on Sundays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays:


Mayor Davis has directed OEM to keep residents informed on all the latest information related to this health emergency.

Bayonne Residents CURRENTLY Positive – 629*

  • The number above reflects only the Bayonne residents that are CURRENTLY COVID-19 Positive.  We have 441 Bayonne residents that are considered recovered.  Recovered patients, according to the CDC, no longer have to isolate or be reported.  Testing has increased significantly, and our current positive population continues to decrease.

TESTING:  The Bayonne Medical Center continues to perform testing for COVID-19 at Veterans Stadium each weekday.  Your physician can make you an appointment for this testing.  Rite-Aid at 1097 Broadway is also performing COVID-19 testing.  This testing is free and is open to anyone (regardless if you have symptoms or not).  Go to riteaid.com to make an appointment.  CityMD is doing Antibody testing. The BMC, in conjunction with the BHA, is currently testing all residents at the Senior buildings in Bayonne.  This on-site testing, which began today, is designed to ensure we are looking out for the most vulnerable in our community.

BMC: The Bayonne Medical Center has advised us that they currently have only 3 COVID Positive Bayonne residents as inpatients, and only 6 total COVID Positive patients in total that are currently inpatients. These numbers haven’t been seen since middle of March.

PARKING: Beginning Monday, June 1st, all temporary reserved parking spaces reserved for food pick up will be eliminated.  Normal parking rules/regulations are back in effect.  Residential Zone parking regulations remain suspended until further notice.

MAYOR’S MESSAGING: The Mayor released a robocall yesterday indicating that all playgrounds are now OPEN, and more activities and businesses are reopening.  As the Governor is making changes to Executive Orders on a daily basis, please go to Governor Murphy’s Twitter or Facebook page or see covid19.nj.gov for more details.

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