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Bridge Art Gallery Presents Diwali Art Exhibit Bayonne Library

Bridge Art Gallery  and the Bayonne Library under the supervision of its new Librarian JP Poccaro hosted the opening of Diwali Art Exhibition 2018.

The 2018 Diwali Art Exhibit will showcase a exclusive collection of artwork from various artists.

Diwali Art Exhibit 2018
Artists who’s works are being exhibited at the Diwali Art Exhibit
Bithika Adhikary, Alpana Mittal “Tejarwini” Susan Issac,Nupur Nishith
and not shown Mitali Jain

About Diwali- A Hindu festival of lights, held in the period October to November. It is particularly associated with Lakshmi, the goddess of prosperity, and marks the beginning of the fiscal year in India.

Diwali Art Exhibit 2018

Diwali Art Exhibit 2018

Diwali Art Exhibit 2018
Bayonne Librarian JP Poccaro and Bayonne Chamber President Jack Kennedy at Diwali Art Exhibit
Diwali Art Exhibit 2018
Cheryl and Christopher Mack from Bridge Art Gallery in Bayonne

If You Go 

Bayonne Library  697 Ave. C Bayonne 07002