Jersey City Drivers Must Stop at Pedestrian Crosswalks and No Longer Yield Under New Law

crosswalk20signJersey City Police Chief Tom Comey announced this week that as part of a campaign to enforce the new Pedestrian Crossing Law which took effect on April 1st, the new law requires motorist to do a full stop and remain stopped until the pedestrian passes and no longer just yield for the  pedestrian, Jersey City Police will be looking for drivers in Jersey City who fail to obey the new law.

Failure to obey the law will bring violators a $200 fine, they will have to  incur all court costs,  2 point license penalty, and possibe 15 days community service can be imposed on the violating driver.

Jersey City Mayor Jerramiah Healy said “The goal in this campaign is to educate pedestrians and motorists to be safe and hopefully continue in our efforts to decrease motor vehicle accidents,”

Just last year in Jersey City three pedestrians were among the seven motor vehicle fatalities.

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