Former US President Clinton Undergoes a Heart Operation

The former US President Bill Clinton has undergone a heart operation in a New York hospital on Thursday.
After complaining of chest pains, former US President Bill Clinton underwent a sudden heart surgery on Thursday, said his adviser.

Clinton, 63, was taken to a hospital, ‘after feeling discomfort in his chest’, according to a statement sent to AFP by Douglas Band. He also said, “Following a visit to his cardiologist, he underwent a procedure to place two stents in one of his coronary arteries.”

Former First Lady and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, rushed to her husbands side from Washington to the Columbia Campus of New York Presbyterian Hospital. She decided to delay her departure on a planned trip to the Gulf by one day, to Saturday, according to the State Department.

Clinton received a telephone call from President Barack Obama, who wished him a speedy recovery. The former President is said to have told President Obama that he felt, ‘absolutely great’, according to a White House official.

Clinton emerged from the operation “in good spirits, and will continue to focus on the work of his foundation and Haiti’s relief and long-term recovery efforts.” said Band.

Clinton is the special UN envoy to Haiti. He went on his second visit to Haiti just last week in bid to get aid moving to the Caribbean nation. He also apologized for the slow arrival of relief supplies to the nation stuck by a 7.0 magnitude quake.

James Carville, Bill Clinton’s former campaign manager, told CNN, “He doesn’t have an accelerator, but a switch, and that switch is on 23 hours a day, and that is one speed, full speed ahead.” Let us also wish, the former US President a quick recovery.

By Batul Nafisa Baxamusa
Published: 2/11/2010

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