Alec Baldwin Rushed to NYC Hospital After Found Unresponsive

Reports are circulating that Alec Balwin was rushed to the hospital in New York City after his daughter found him to be unresponsive.
The official comment from Alec Baldwin’s PR people is that there was a simple misunderstanding about Baldwin’s condition and that he is absolutely fine. Of course, that would lead one to question why Baldwin agreed to be taken to the hospital in the first place, but the bottom line at this point is that the 30 Rock star appears to be fine and has already been released from the hospital.

As is the case in so many of these types of celebrity “emergencies”, the true facts of the situation will probably never be known beyond Baldwin, his family and the medical professionals who treated him. And, of course, that is how it should be. The fact that the real story never surfaces actually makes it easier for media outlets to float an array of rumored versions of what may have happened – and they can promote each version as actual “news”. That’s really the irony of the situation.

Baldwin is 51 years old and is reportedly in good health, while enjoying perhaps the most successful run of his career as an Emmy-winning actor on Tina Fey‘s hit series, 30 Rock. It has been rumored that Fey wrote the part of Jack Donaghy specifically with Alec Baldwin in mind, although she was doubtful that she could get the actor to commit to the role.

Baldwin generally flies below the radar, but his profanity-laced and degrading voice message to his daughter a few years ago shed the actor in a much darker light than he had experienced previously.

By Buzzle Staff and Agencies
Published: 2/11/2010

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