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Pop Tarts Theme Restaurant Opens in Time Square- Pop Tarts World Serving-Ants on a Log

902283_C01a_Morris_StrawHudson County residents only have to take a 20 minute subway ride and arrive in the greatest city in the world- New York. According to Newser a new restaurant is going to open who’s main theme is Pop Tarts. Pop Tarts World, Yes, those very same treats we all enjoy for breakfast and ran home to have after school.
But this restaurant will have some variations: serving 30 kinds - like Ants on the Log for one, a combination made up of celery, peanut butter, and chunks of, whatelse, Pop-Tarts and according to Newser Pop-Tarts sushi—three kinds of tarts minced and wrapped in a fruit roll-up.

Can’t get enough of the Pop Tarts theme this restaurant will also have a six-story billboard above the store, light Shows, Pop Tart merchandise.

Hey, where’s the giant toaster?



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Paula, Don’t Let Door Hit You On Way Out: Idol Staff

River View Observer’s “Site Seeing” found this interesting post

We are so tired of Paula’s tantrums, her constant diva behavior. She took the concept of ‘difficult’ to a whole new level. Thank God she’s gone.
– American Idol staffer


Photo from  CC Opinion and ccopinion.com.

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