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Did you know…New Jersey Wines Surpass California & France’s Best!

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read-observer-on-line To Celebrate, Bart Jackson Authors “Garden State Wineries Guide” San Francisco, CA:  The Wine Appreciation Guild is pleased to announce that a new book entitled “Garden State Wineries Guide” is now available, based on the overwhelming love for New Jersey wines.  Bryan Imelli, Marketing Director for The Wine Appreciation Guild says, “Our mission is to promote wine education and to acknowledge outstanding vineyards, so we are pleased, for the first time, to publish such an extraordinary directory specifically for New Jersey wineries and vineyards.”
 Did you know?
–    That New Jersey is the 6th largest wine producing state?
–    That New Jersey also ranks #1 in wine imbibing?
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Food and Wine – Perfect Pairings

food-and-wine(Family Features) When it comes to pairing food and wine, it doesn’t have to be complicated. To create a perfect pairing, the secret is to choose a wine with a fruit-focused style, which will compliment many types of foods. It isn’t necessary to be a master sommelier to make successful pairings! No matter what your profession, having a passion for food and wine can go a long way to making delicious pairings that friends and family will enjoy. Continue reading Food and Wine – Perfect Pairings