Unraveling An Art Mystery…

The Print in Question!

Who is the Artist? artist-signature-on-print-i-own

When was it painted ?

Does it have any financial Value?

 Who else has a print? Only 250 prints were made Number 80 is in my posession.


By Joe Calamito

Many years ago while rummaging through the downtown Jersey City Salvation Army on 14th Street I came across the above print. I was intrigued by its subject matter-a little girl with blonde hair pulling a toy duck on a string while her mother or guardian stares at a fountain, perhaps in France. My own mother had passed away a few years earlier in 1994 and the print reminded me of how she would always take me to Hamilton Park in Jersey City. I paid $20 dollars for the print and it has shared a prominent place on the walls of our homes for the past 15 years or more. I love it!

On the right as you can see by the above photo are rows of trees, and in the background stands a statue, and a arge building. The original painting is done in pen and watercolor, the colors the artist chose to use are beige, and blue, and brown for the trees.

It is beautifully done. And the angle of perception gives it a 3D effect.

My best questimate is that the print size is 27″ w x 30″h.

What I believe I have is a serigraph of the painting clearly marked on the right side it reads 80/250. I have tried for years to establish who the artist is but with no success. I have shown it to Art Dealers and artist alike.

Of late, finding out who this artist is or was has become an obsession. On any given day I might snatch it off my wall, and walk around with it asking people in the Hudson County art community, “Do you know who the artist is”?

So now I am asking you the reader. Do you know who the artist is? If I have 80 of 250 prints there has to be another 249  out there and like long lost estranged siblings I am eager to reunite with other owners of this print.

Whoever painted it has a very distinct signature;artist-signature-on-print-i-own to the left, it looks like the mouth of a Seagull, and to the right, the caricature of Jerry Lewis the comedians head, and for a while I actually thought he was the artist of the painting.

An idea I haven’t entirely given up. I told you I was obsessed with this print.

If anyone has this same print or any idea who the artist is and date it was painted, email me at [email protected]

I need an answer. Now! And no it’s not for sale!

Well that is unless Jerry Lewis is the artist of the original painting.

Didn’t he spend a lot of time in France?

Please email this story to all your art friend afficiados to help me find an anwer- Thanks if you do.

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