The Fallen Faithful Hollywood Premiere Monday June 21st -Jersey City’s PJ Leonard Executive Producer

pj-lenoardI have known PJ Leonard for over 25 years. I have seen him in good times and in bad. I am so happy to see him where he is today. On Monday PJ Leonard who now resides in downtown Jersey City will be in Los Angeles at the Arclight Theater for the premiere of  The Fallen Faithful a film that Lenoard was Executive Producer on and produced through  his production company “Other Side of the River Productions.” 


the-fallen-faithfulThe Fallen Faithful is Leonards’ second feature length film having also made: “The Immaculate Conception” and  also adding in 2007 and 2008   two short films to his credits: The Hit and Waiting.

The Fallen Faithful stars Sonny Marinelli, who  has appeared in many high profile television productions including  recurring roles on ER, NYPD Blue, and most recently Raising the Bar. The movie also stars Tony Award -nominated actor Obba  Babatunde’ and Mark Margolis.   Obba Babatunde’ and Mark Margolis are faces everyone recognizes instantly having both been in hundreds of televison productions and movies. Margolis in Scarface with Al Pacino for one.

The movie explores the clash between good and evil please  see the link for a closer examination of the film.


 The Fallen Faithful was shot in Tampa Florida at a cost of $1 million dollars and it’s Leonard’s largest undertaking in film to date.  A film he looks forward to selling to a major studio after the premiere on Monday.The script was written by Elizabeth Regen an actress in her own right. 

The Fallen Faithful also stars local Jersey City actors and friends of PJ Leonard; Paul Dunleavy, Ed Moran and Jersey City Police Officer; Vito La Bruno.

PJ Leonard as I know him has always been a  stand-up guy. There is nothing phony about him and he is exstremely  loyal to his roots , if you look closely at the logo for  – The Other Side Of the River Productions, its a picture of the downtown Jersey City skyline.  That’s PJ Leonard.

I am certain in the near future the movie going public will see many more movies from PJ Leonard and get as familiar with the skyline of Jersey City in the Other Side of the River Productions logo as they have come to know the Lion in the MGM Logo.

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