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Boating Enthusiasts-Pardon Me, That’s No Replica!

River View Observer exclusive…Boat manufacturer powers past misconceptions and expands legacy by upgrading classic designs with contemporary technologies
At a recent boat show in New York City one vessel attracted a large crowd. Surrounded by a fleet of mass-produced fiberglass hulls was a mahogany runabout with long, sleek contours. Most assumed they were looking at a replica of a timeless classic. They were wrong.

The handcrafted 1920s-style boat was brand-new. Not that it wasn’t an original. The boat was built using the actual plans created by John Ludwig Hacker (1871-1961), the preeminent 20th Century designer of wooden pleasure crafts. The exterior look of the 24-foot rear-engine runabout was pure Hacker. But hidden in the engine hold and hull construction were contemporary marine technologies that have powered these legendary boats into modern times.

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