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BAYONNE Ground-breaking ceremony for new 25th Street pedestrian bridge over the railroad gap between Avenue E and Prospect Avenue

Ground-breaking ceremony for new 25th Street pedestrian bridge in Bayonne: City Officials and Grade Construction, the building contractor, held a ground-breaking ceremony for the replacement 25th Street pedestrian bridge.  The existing bridge was constructed in 1970. The new span will have elevators that will make it handicapped accessible. The older bridge will be demolished before the new one is constructed in its place. Project completion is expected in either late 2021 or early 2022.  Like the existing bridge, the new one will connect Avenue E and Prospect Avenue over the tracks for Hudson Bergen Light Rail and freight railroads. Pictured left to right: Fire Chief Keith Weaver, Ralph Diaco (President, Grade Construction), First Ward Council Member Neil Carroll III, Mayor Jimmy Davis, City Council President Sharon Ashe-Nadrowski, Second Ward Council Member Sal Gullace, Public Works Director Tom Cotter, and City Engineer Rob Russo.  Drone photo courtesy of Consulting and Municipal Engineers (CME).

Soon after the Ground- Breaking Ceremony the heavy equipment came in and began to demolish the current 25th Street Bridge see photo on right