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Nation’s Hottest Christmastime Event Celebrates Annual “Fun Run” on December 7


A group of Santas at the annual running of the santa's race in Philadelphia
Running of the Santas
December 7th in Philadelphia
These five Mrs.Claus were at last years “Running of the Santas”

 “Running of the Santas” started in 1998 in the streets of downtown Philadelphia when 40 close friends decided to suit up in holiday décor and go bar hopping. More than a decade and a half later, the “Running of the Santas” event has grown across the world with more than 20 host cities from California to the shores of New Zealand.

 Organizers of the 2013 “Running of the Santas Mega Festival” are predicting a record 10,000 party-goers this year, toppling last year’s Philadelphia event which attracted more than 7,000 revelers. Philadelphia’s premier holiday extravaganza will kick off at Finnigan’s Wake (“The South Pole”) located at 537 N. 3rd Street, where event participants will prepare for a three-block “fun run” at 4 pm  to the Electric Factory (“The North Pole”) located at 421 N. 7th Street. Continue reading 2013 “RUNNING OF THE SANTAS” SPREADS HOLIDAY JOY BENEFITTING LOCAL CHARITIES

The Top 7 Cities for Celebrating St. Patrick’s Day-In Hudson County There’s Jersey City & Bayonne, New York City!

According to Shindigz.com via Prnews2. com the following list presents the top 7 cities to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day.

Here in Hudson County there will be parades in Jersey City, Bayonne. And of course New York City will have there’s too! Hoboken will not have a parade this year.

 7. Kansas City, Missouri: Kansas City has been celebrating St. Patrick’s Day as a city since 1873. Its population is 10.4% Irish according to city-data.com and their parade is one to be reckoned with. Drawing a crowd of approximately 200,000 people, the grand prize winner of the parade procession in Kansas City wins an all expenses paid trip to Ireland. That’s some serious parade marching! Their night life consists of many Irish pubs including haunts like O’Dowds Little Dublin and Lafferty’s.

6. St. Louis, Missouri: Although city-data lists the Irish population of St. Louis as only about 8.6%, their celebration made the list for many other reasons. Every year, St. Louis kicks off their March 17th celebration with the Michelob 5 Mile Run. The 2012 run is slated to involve over 13,000 runners. That’s more than the lawn seating capacity of the St. Louis Verizon Wireless Amphitheater! After the race there’s a St. Patty’s Day parade featuring balloons, Irish dancers, horses and large floats. The celebration often goes into the night at clubs and pubs like O’Connell’s and John D. McGurks. Continue reading The Top 7 Cities for Celebrating St. Patrick’s Day-In Hudson County There’s Jersey City & Bayonne, New York City!

Does George Washington – Owes Library Fines, about $100,000 in Late Fees?


According to the website Lowering the Bar  President George Washington has been accused by a New York Library for failing to return valuable library materials checked out during his presidency. It seems the former President  took out two books on in October of 1789, one  on international law and another that contained transcripts of debates in Britain’s House of Commons.  The books were due back November 2, 1789.  If it’s found to be true, that neither book was ever returned this would mean that , setting aside the value of the items themselves, and adjusting for inflation, Washington currently owes about $100,000 in late fees.

Source: boingboing

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